Unboxing my Silhouette Portrait // My 5 First Thoughts

I have had my Silhouette Portrait since October 16th, 2015.  I didn't plug it into my computer until December 4th, 2015.  When it comes to new, hard core crafty supplies - sometimes I get intimidated.  (I didn't use my Cinch until this summer even though I got it for Christmas in 2014.)  The evening of the 4th of December started off like any other weekend evening....I stare at the bundle that is the Silhouette Portrait before moving on to some other craft for the night.  This night however, was different.  I pull out all the accessories, opened the CD drive (for the first time since like 2012), and installed the Silhouette Studio software.
For the next few hours I played around.  Here are my first 5 thoughts

I am intimidated
This is the thought that came to mind each time I looked at the bundle of cords and mats and machinery under my desk.  How can a thing so small (like 1/3 the size of my Cricut Explore) be so intimidating?  Even after installing the software and opening my first file.....I was intimidated.  I have to set the blade depth? What?  I have to add the cut lines?  Huh?  Trace feature?  Witchcraft?  But like one YouTube video later I was beginning to pick it up.

Why won't this print?
My first task was just cut a printable from my shop - I don't design in a program that will save as a graphic so I converted my PDF to a PNG and opened it in the Silhouette Studio program.  I played with the registration marks, I added cut lines.  I hit print.  Nothing.  

Eventually I had like 8 pending jobs in my print queue!  Eventually one went through and I was able to print.

Damn it, I didn't add registration marks.
I took the registration marks off to work on my cut lines...and in the excitement I didn't add them back.  So I had a few pages that I couldn't cut with the machine.  Damn it.

What the actual f***?
I plugged in the machine and loaded the adhesive paper on the mat.  I didn't calibrate, (still don't know how to do that!) and hit send to Silhouette.  It. Was. So. Loud.  Louder than my Cricut, and much faster.  No problem reading the registration marks.  No bleed on the print.  Zip Zip Zip.....Cut Cut Cut.  Damn printable is cut.  Like, holy hell.  What is this witchcraft?

I imported.  I traced.  I imported. I added cut lines.  I printed.  I loaded the Silhoutte.  And before I knew it I had a stack of cut stickers.  Cut stickers! Honestly, I was so blown away at the speed, ease, and accuracy after just a few moments of doing this.  Imported PDFs turned to PNGs, added cut lines/traced areas, send to printer.  If you didn't get this on Black Friday from Amazon for like $99....you should totally stalk the site until a deal comes up that you're willing to pay.  Best money I've spent.  No lie.  And I was impressed with my Cricut when I first got it.  But this? This was amazing.

Why didn't I do this sooner?
And then I just printed and cut until my dog kept pawing at me to go 'night night'.  Seriously.  Why didn't I do this sooner!

So this is just a little first impressions type of post on my Silhouette but I do plan to do a few DIYs, tutorials, and comparison between the Cricut Explore and the Silhouette Portrait.  I am glad I have both and I plan to tell you why!

Has there ever been something you were super impressed with and shocked you didn't try sooner?  

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I just bought a used Silhouette Portrait off of ebay. I can't wait to print out all of the free stickers I've accumulated; including yours!!


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