Wednesday Decor // Cozy + Happy Holidays

There hasn't been a serious Wednesday Decor post on the blog in ages...but since it's the holidays it is high time to bust one out.  I am loving the coziness of the last few months of the year.  Once we get out of the holiday season though (January - March), I'm ready for the cold weather to be over!  October - December is the most wonderful time of the year, honestly.  And if it weren't for the holidays, I don't know if I could make it through the winter!  

Here are my six must haves for cozy, wintry decor:
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Mistletoe Candle
This is the scent of the season for me.  I have a candle in every room.  It is so pine-y and so Christmas-y that I can't just have one.  This is the only scent I consistently burn and would burn it all year round too!

Tart/Candle Warmer
Since I like to have this candle in every room, I have assorted candle warmers so that I can have a house filled with scent, but isn't on fire.  You can find these any old place for $20 or less (here is one on Amazon).  Some come with dishes and some come with just the flat surface for the candle.  I find it's better to use a candle near the end of it's life for the most scent throw.  (Or tarts, of course).

Cozy Throws
Crochet throw, fleece throw, tartan throw, any throw...give them all to me.  If I'm not walking around I'm under a blanket on the couch.  Bonus points if it is a heated blanket.  Oh yea.

Comfy Slippers
I can not stand when my feet are cold.  I can not stand when my feet are hot.  And that's why I like slippers over socks.  Socks are way too hard to take off when I suddenly decide my feet are too hot.  Slippers are extremely easy to slip on when I decide my feet are too cold.  Bonus points if they are cute as hell!

Christmas Decor
Our Christmas decor fits in 4 total boxes...one of which is the tree.  And I like it that way.  Not only is there not too much to store but everything is important.  Everything was chosen with care.  I will however continue to collect Christmas ornaments until my tree topples over.  My favorite decor items are the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball ornament, the Kim K 'break the internet' ornament, & the Gnome Gnativity set.  

Crochet Stockings
I know this is part of the decor part above but I'm keeping this separate because I crocheted our Christmas stockings.  We don't have a fireplace so they hang off the bookshelf.  The way they look on our bookshelf next to the tree just gives me all the feels!

These are just a few of my favorite (Christmas) things.  I honestly love this time of year.  Everyone thinks it is so hectic and stressful but I just see it as full of cheer.  Even when I worked retail - I didn't like working Christmas eve - but I also liked all the Christmas decor, all the last minute shoppers, etc.  No one was ever overly ridiculous to me, it was a pleasant experience.  Around this time of year I am always a little more patient and a little more helpful.  But it is my favorite time.

What are your holiday decor favorites?  Anything you put up or pull out year after year?

xoxo, Moe

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