Make it Monday // 5 Ways to Switch Your Planner Seasonally

If you've read my Planner Journey post, you'll know that I've taken the curvy road to get to the planner I'm in now.  If you've watched my most recent planner set up video, then you've also realized that I've changed my planner like 3 times this season!! My favorite planner is the the Filofax Original in Flouro Pink (though I think I'd like any original) but my current planner is the Webster's Pages Color Crush planner in Caramel.  This planner is perfect for the fall.  The orange color is amazingly fall like and I love the leather look of this planner.  My teal Color Crush looks nothing like this!
This past weekend I switched out my Halloween decor to to Fall/Thanksgiving.  I used to never be the one to decorate!  Who have I become?!?!  I love it!  Here's how to switch up your planner seasonally - featuring this Thanksgiving season!
Paper clips
Using this DIY, you can create some fun paper clips from die cuts and felt shapes.  No need to hand assemble these things!  Pick up pre-made felt appliques or scrapbooking embellishments to use as toppers for your paper clips.  My favorite adhesive is the E6000 - it's super strong and sticks to the back of laminated embellishments like the fox and squirrel paper clips above. 
Seasonal Paper Packs & Journaling Cards
When these paper packs are half off at the craft store, I like to pick them up.  Not only can you make dividers from these types of paper but they are great to use as decor pieces.  Placing two coordinating papers together creates a great background in any pockets you may have in your planner.

The journaling cards I used in this little set up are from last year's Thanksgiving pocket journaling cards printables.  Adding a coordinating journaling card to create some layering is a great way to add texture to your set up.  Attaching the 3x4 cards to your dashboard or dividers gives a hint of seasonal spirit and they are super easy to switch out with the different holidays if you use washi tape.
Seasonal Washi Tape
I looovvee me some washi tape.  Washi tape with designs in different colors can translate well across seasons.  This gold washi would be great for fall or for the Christmas season.  Orange is great all across the fall board and you could even use it in the summer.  Green for Christmas is also great for St. Patty's day.  While it's fun to get washi for specific holidays, you'll get more use out of your washi collection if you add a variety of colored patterns, not just themes.

Seasonal Notes Pages
I've share this tutorial before for making monogramed notes pages and also for making Halloween themed notes pages - but the basic gist is the same.  If you use a patterned background or some of the overlays offered by my favorite mini design machine, PicMonkey, you'll be able to create notes pages on a sheet by sheet basis.  No need to pick up the Dollar Spot (or even more expensive!) notepads if you won't really use all the pages!

Seasonal Stickers
If you're addicted to stickers, you may know that with handmade stickers there is often a few week turn around with all the amazing ladies making them in their home offices.  So, if you're either late to the game or looking for an instant fix printable stickers are the answer!  I've added a fall themed printable set to the shop here.

I can't wait to fill my planner with so many fall themed things in the month of November!

How do you switch up your planner for the seasons?  Are you a pretty planner or more functional?  Is decor even important to you?

xoxo, Moe

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