Five Crafty Things For the Planner Girl

I think I have so much fun planning because I'm a crafty girl at heart.  I have found a way to be creative everyday - I used to want to scrapbook and even got into 30 Lists for a while, but it just didn't really suit me.  I couldn't keep up with 30 Lists and I was too non-committal with traditional scrapbooking (which is why I love Project Life....but haven't finish an album in ages.)  So transitioning from crafty girl to planner girl wasn't really a hard transition.  I mean I already had a but load of scrapbooking paper just sitting around being pretty.......

Here are 5 crafty things for the planner girl:
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Xyron Sticker Maker
This has a specific use and you may not have purchased one before getting into planning but you definitely need one now.  I have a Cricut (and my new Shillouette!) so making kiss cut stickers is something I can do anytime I want.....but a $10 sticker maker like the Xyron is AMAZING.  When I don't feel like messing around with my Cricut or Sil, I bust out the good 'ol scissors and get to work with my Xyron.  There are tons of free printables out there and if you have yourself a good pair of smaller scissors (check the clearance often of your craft stores!) you can be super precise.  I've uploaded some functional printable stickers in my shop here. A paper trimmer can help too.  The Xyron comes in a variety of sizes but the small one fits your DIY stickers up to the width of an Erin Condren Life Planner box - 1.5 inches wide.  How convenient is that?
Rule Your Rulers (and your washi)
I found these guys the other day in Hobby Lobby and knew exactly what they could be used for.  The literal name of this is Rule Your Rulers.  I'm pretty sure they are about $4-$6 depending where you grab them from.  You don't have to keep the little hook on it but it's pretty utilitarian if you have a place to hang them up.  Organize your washi by color, by holiday, by theme, etc.  Pretty handy.
Hexagonal Punch
Not only are hexagons all the rage right now but the angles of the sides of the hexagons make perfect little tails to page flags.  This might be a preference thing but I like my page flags to look a certain way (I also like my tear drop stickers to have a certain shape!).  Trimming scrapbook paper down and then using the angled edge of the hexagon punch makes the tail the right angle.
Felt Appliques
I shared before how to make easy paper clips with pre assembled felt appliques.  Those little crafty goodies are great if you are unable to die cut shapes or unwilling to assemble them all into cute little things!  You can find them all the time around the holidays.  Its great to have an assortment of clips at your disposal.
Scrapbooking Embellishments
Those little card stock cut outs are amazing too.  Laminating them and then attaching a paper clip makes a little less bulky paper clip.  The best place to find these little guys in super unique collections are places like TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, and Marshall's!  Using a thicker lamination - like 5 mil - will make it stand up to being used but not too thick like a felt applique can be.

This whole planner thing has been a really creative journey for me.  I've gone from just plan to how many stickers do I really need?  Hope you found something in this list that can make your planning easier.

xoxo, Moe

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