5 Reasons I Love my Cricut Explore

The holidays are coming up and I've never felt more crafty!  I have the ultimate tool sitting right under my desk and it's pretty versatile - the Cricut Explore.  You have seen my posts on using the Cricut's Print then Cut feature to create planner stickers (here, here & here) but there are thousands (upon thousands) of other projects you can do with it.  My current favorite is the easy of use to design my own tabs/divider styles through design space!  Cutting them out from my favorite scrapbook paper with the machine is much easier than doing it by hand.
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If you need some more reasons to pick up the Cricut Explore (or the Cricut Explore Air) besides the fact that they are on sale right now keep on reading:

Easy to use
Above all the Cricut Explore and the Cricut Design Space are both easy to use.  You can pick up on how to use and design with Design Space extremely easily.  If you've even used another one of my favorite tools PicMonkey, you'll be able to catch on super quick.  The features are easy to use, you have access to all your downloaded fonts, you're able to change colors quickly, and you can use your own clipart to design.  Creating your own shapes - like planner dividers - is super easy with the weld button.  

Apps + Bluetooth
If you have the Cricut Explore you can purchase a bluetooth adapter to communicate with either your computer or your iPad.  How cool is that?  If you're using this post to convince you that you should buy this thing, if you pick up the Explore Air you get the bluetooth feature included!  Download the app for your iPhone or iPad and design on the go.  You know, after you've eaten all your Thanksgiving turkey you can curl up on the couch and design some Christmas presents before you slip in to a post-feast coma.

Like a Million Cartridges
If you're familiar with the word clip art let me introduce you to the cartridge.  The clip art used in design space corresponds with the cartridges offered by the company.  Think of the cartridge as clipart.  Now that we've got that out of the way - there like a bagillion cartridges.  Each set has corresponding elements to create cohesive designs.  There are even some cartridges with corresponding fonts.  Create to your hearts content.

Smart Set Dial
Not only is there a dial on the side of the machine to take the guess work out of blade depth, but under the custom settings there are so much more!  You can even manage your custom materials to set names for common depths you use for your own materials.  Not to mention you can cut things like leather and balsa wood and then easily set the dial to delicately kiss cut vinyl.

Cut, Write, and Score
Not only is this machine like a one stop cutting shop - but it also writes and scores!  The Cricut Explore (and the Cricut Explore Air) have two different heads - one for the blade and one that you can interchange with either a writing tool or a score tool.  All in one awesomeness!  Write, cut, score, fold, bam you're DONE!

If you're down for a new crafty gadget to add to your creative arsenal, I've got some great news!  Currently the Cricut Explore Air and various Cricut Explore Air Bundles/Starter Kits are on sale through the Cricut website!  Hooray!!!!  Or you could alway suggest the sale price to Santa, I'm sure he'd hear you loud an clear. 

You can also get FREE shipping on your orders using the code FREESHIPNOV (I'm not sure how long the code is good for...so go use it!)

Is there one crafty gadget you are excited about?  Do you have any crafty gadgets on your Christmas lists?

xoxo, Moe

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