Sum Up Sunday #79

It is pretty late on a Sunday afternoon to be posting but one needs to go up soooo......here it is.  I'm back from Korea!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have only seen food pictures.  Seriously, thats all I really took pictures of.  I wish I'd gotten a zillion photos but the truth is I was just having fun seeing the city with Zach.  I do have some video that I will try to upload but I'm not so great at the vlog thing it seems.....I do want to try to get better, so there might be some weekly vlogs added to the YouTube channel.  maybe
When Zach is home, I become the second best person in the house.  She just loves him so much.  Also, how sweet is this picture?? The light is amazing!

We left Korea at 10:30 am on Friday, local Korean time. We flew 12 ish hours to arrive in Detroit at 10:20 am, eastern time.  Guys, my Friday was a whole 12 hours longer than your Friday....and I feel very special about it.  I have to say that was the best decision Zach made for the trip.  That meant we had a lot of time to catch back up to the local time here.  I do have to say I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  I kinda just want to stay home and make stickers, blog, and do YouTube!
Speaking of stickers - I had a bit of time in Korea to work on the shop.  When we weren't exhausted from walking all around the city in the heat, I found a bit of time to bop around.  I also woke up extremely early every day because of the time change.  I have put quite a few new releases in the shop if you're interested (click here).  I've got a few seasonal kits - a fall Pumpkin Spice inspired kit, a Halloween inspired kit, and gearing up for Christmas (because why not?) I've got a Christmas inspired kit.

I've also listed some other themed decorating kits with a bit of functionality.  Annnnddd there is more to come, in fact after this little post I have a few more I want to get ready to print and cut.  Oh, I also ordered a Fluoro A5 and I can not wait for it to get here.  Like I need another planner!  Seriously.

On the blogging front you may have noticed that I'm just not really here.  I think around this time every year I take a little break.  In fact there are many breaks I take in the year and I don't really thing that's bad.  I do plan on having some crazy posts for you in the future.....so I do hope you'll stick around.

As for other life things I've been looking back through my memories on Facebook and I do think that is a clever feature.  I think it was 8 years ago this passed week that I'd moved into my dorm for the first time.  So crazy.  Honestly, it is so weird to think that time passes us like that.  With this feature on Facebook I can see every post that I made or others made on my wall or tagged me with on that day.  It's pretty cool to look back and see how the day has changed over the years and see if I've done the same thing all over again.

Pretty much I'm just busy living life...so you might want to follow me on Instagram because I post all the time there (sorta)

Happy Sunday! Hope you're week stars out wonderful!

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