Sum Up Sunday #78

Pretty late in the day for a Sum Up Sunday post isn't it????  Well I'm still throwing it up here!

This past week, three years ago, I moved up to Michigan.  I can not believe it's been three years already...it totally seems longer but also seems like it hasn't been that long at all.  It's crazy the all the things we've been through in 3 years.  I would find posts to link but I don't even know where to start!  But seriously time flies or really doesn't...its all perspective!
This week's mail also contained the Maybeline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation for me to try out for three weeks.  I wore it all last week...and have to say I don't really want to continue wearing it.  The only way I've gotten it to look halfway decent on my skin is to mix it with other foundations and in like a 60% the other foundation kind of ratio.  It goes on too patchy for me, wears off patchy, and has like ify coverage.  I can't even apply it on my cheeks...it doesn't show up.  It wears away in no time in my Tzone and it accentuates my oil.  I'm pretty sad about that.  For my August makeup basket though I have like 97349871834 foundations to try it with.  
My Etsy shop has been getting a fair amount of views and sales...I am so happy.  I am going to Korea near the middle of the month so if you'd like to save 20% use the code HEYKOREA20 for 20% off  a $3+ order.  Click here to shop!  Also two orders are going out on Monday, hooray!
I've been watching Netflix all freaking week - I finished Ghost Adventures and started in on R L Stine's The Haunting Hour.  Ghost Adventures made me look behind me every two seconds and The Haunting Hour is getting me all nostalgic for Are You Afraid of the Dark.  It's no Midnight Society but it's giving me the preteen-summer-camp-heeby-jeebies and I love it - but some episodes are super creepy and i don't really think that children should watch it!  I'm getting creeped out!!  I used to get so excited over watching Are You Afraid of the Dark during the summer.  I even remember when the movie came out. Pretty sure my giga pet died once while I was watching AYAOTD.
All day Saturday I spent making myself a day on one page style planner.  I've planned in it for the first time this week and I think I should have at least put in a weekly spread too.  It's making me rethink my Flouro set up (video here) because I don't use part of it really any more.  I'm loving the day on one page because I don't get overwhelmed.  I think I'm just going to re-set up my filofax...because she really is my baby.  I don't need my blog/etsy/youtube section any more, I really need to get a grip on my finances section, and I guess I just need to rethink the whole thing!  I've got a blog post coming up this month on my planner journey and the like so keep an eye out for that.  Oh, and my sister got a planner.  I made here some custom stickers this weekend and they will be mailed off tomorrow.  She doesn't want wait to star setting it up.  I hope she comes over to the dark side.  I'll be adding some that I made for her to the shop soon too.

Currently (as in right now Sunday night) I'm about waist deep in the laundry I've been putting off, I have a sleeping puppy with a full belly on one of those piles, and the only part of my house that is super tidy right now is my vanity....so there's that.  But I mean really, Sweetie has gained so much weight (in a good way) and it makes me so happy.  Hopefully she's happy too!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I've heard that foundation sucks from anyone who has tried it.

  2. "the dark side"...with flashlights provided. Love your daily page.
    Thanks for your review of the foundation. Think I'll save me some $ and not buy that one.


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