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I can't believe it is nearly time for back to school - and if you're already back, I can't believe you're already back to school.  Every year I get excited even though I haven't been back to school in 4 years.  I think I do a back to school DIY every year too.  There is just something about the school supplies that really gets me.  I love the winding down of summer and that you can find the crispness of fall at the end of each day.  September and October are my favorite months and I can't wait for the chill in the air and all the leaves to change beautiful colors.  Man, fall is the new black guys.  Additionally, if you're looking for a way to procrastinate for any classes you may have tomorrow...I've got the DIY for you!
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Anyway, today I wanted to do a little PicMonkey DIY - a class schedule you can design and print and put in your planner.  When I was going back to school I would have stress dreams about missing classes or suddenly having a class I didn't know about.  I wrote down my schedule like 1000 times to make sure I had it correct.  We'll be using the style of this previous note pages DIY to make a weekly insert.

Supplies :: PicMonkey.com, word processor, printer, paper trimmer or craft knife, & this previous DIY
First, create a canvas like the one created in the previous notes pages DIY.  Choose a canvas under the design tab then crop it to the iPhone5 size, uncheck scale photo.  Make the background transparent.
This part will take some fooling around - you want to use boxes to divide the canvas into 7 spaces.  One at the top for the dates/week number and then 6 other boxes for the days (Saturday and Sunday will be split over the bottom box.)  It will take some fiddling around and if you get frustrated don't worry, I've got some you can use here, here, & here.  Simply save these to your desktop and open the images in PicMonkey.  Now you can overlay your class schedule following the rest of the directions:
Once you have all your boxes aligned correctly, flatten your image using the icon at the top that looks like a few pages under an arrow pointing down.  This will ensure that when you add the text for the days or the schedule, you won't move around the boxes you've created.  Add in your Monday - Sunday headers any way you'd like.
After this step, you can flatten the image and then use it as a weekly insert (like those fun target ones!)  But use the text option to add in your weekly shedule.  I love the PicMonkey lets you use your own fonts with in the website.  If you're designing your schedule in the library (lol) and don't have access to the awesome fonts you've downloaded, PicMonkey has some amazing ones for free.  But you can log into your account (sign up here) an access the Royale fonts ($4.99/month or $33/year) and use those bad boys.
Once you have your schedule down, save your image as a jpg.  To print the schedule use the second half of the notes paged DIY to put your jpg into a word processor and send to your printer.

This schedule would be great laminated, punched, or slipped in a page protector.  Now you can move your schedule around with you during the first few weeks of classes and avoid those stress dreams!

Hope you are having fun in this back to school time!  I would love to be moving into the dorms right now and having to only worry about my 8am class rather than the real world right now!

How do you keep your schedule straight?  Do you worry that you'll miss a class?

xoxo, Moe

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