When will it be Summer Wish List

the snow is still going strong here in northwest Indiana and I am ready for some warmer weather.  I am ready to start complaining about how dang hot it is!  I've already brought Spring to the etsy shop with some vintage floral notes pages but I really need this Winter to turn into Spring and the Spring to turn into Summer.

I threw together this little wish list of sorts to persuade warmer weather to head my way.  I can't wait for bright lipstick, iced coffee, sandals, and sunnies.  C'mon Spring! C'mon Summer!

Are you wishing for warmer weather?  What's it like outside where you are?

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  1. Hi Moe, I'm new to thrifting and am having so much fun, that my SO has joined me on my expeditions. The latest "score" was a FC 7-hole punch for $1. The thrill of the hunt. I like your idea of a thrifting list. Doing that today.


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