Revisiting February 2015 Four Simple Goals

Hey there March!  I can't believe March is here and it's still snowing out.  I just can't even handle this.  I know up north here snow can last until May (May!) and it did last pretty well into spring last year I think but I'm excited to know we're one month closer to warmer weather.  Let's be real here.....I neeeeeeed Summer to show up.  I am ready to start complaining about how hot it is.
Anyway...let's see what did (or, let's be honest didn't) happen with February's Four Simple Goals

Finish 2014 Project Life - Guys, I wish this happened.....but it didn't.  I am making it an unofficial goal of March.  I also need to get with it to start on this year.....thats another unofficial goal for March!

List 3 Planner Pages in the Shop - Guess what?  I've listed like 8 planner pages.  That's right, my shop is up a running now.  I am taking it slowly.....I'm adding when I feel like it.  I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to do things.  So I'm working on different inserts and then adding when I feel like I should.  If it doesn't feel right I don't do it.  So far it's been working for me.

Progress on the Upstairs - We've made only a little progress.  Zach's parents came and helped us out last weekend but it is a lot of work for two people who work full time.  We have loads of other things we want to do to relax and working on the house is not one of them!

Have a date night - It really shouldn't have but it kinda just got pushed aside.  With some crazy life stuff this past month Valentine's day got moved around too.  So it was just an over all weird month to get anything done, I guess.

Sorry this wasn't really a great update on my goals.  I'm actually thinking about stopping this feature for a while (I think I mentioned this before) because I'm starting to feel like I'm not accomplishing the things I set out to do but I am accomplishing different but still important things.  Important things like a zillion photos of my dog curled up with Zach & I because pretty much we didn't get out of bed the whole month of February!  I'm going to try for one more month.....and then we'll see how it goes.

What did you accomplish this month?

xoxo, Moe

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