Four Simple Goals March 2015

Recently, setting these goals every month has really been doing the opposite of what it should be doing: I start to feel pressure to complete things that I'm not really feeling any more.  This month is the deciding month on whether I drop the monthly goal thing for a bit and focus on completing what I feel should be completed.  It's like I set these goals and then a day after the post goes live I change my entire idea of what I should do this month.  I loved doing these little goals in the beginning but I think I'm getting away from what this used to be for me.  Anyway, here are March's goals:

Finish a prototype of a secret, awesome project - It's not really that top secret and it's only awesome because I think it is, but I have a secret thing I've been wanting to come up with for the past little while.  This month should be about finishing a prototype....and figuring it out if it can be done at all!

Focus on the Facebook page - I want to get back into my Facebook page.  It is platform that I really struggle with yet I feel could really help me out in the long run.  I already added a fun cover image and am working on overhauling what goes on over there.  If you haven't liked my page yet, I'd love it if you did!  Click here to find me!

List 2 pocket scrapbooking card designs in the shop - I've been meaning to do this every since I quietly opened it in February.  However I've just either not been inspired or too lazy to put them together.  Here's to getting at least two done and listed.

Follow through more - This is going to go hand in hand with my planning this month.  For example I've planned out doing some YouTube videos but then I don't follow through with posting them.  I want to come up with a plan and stick to it!

March is going to be full of changes and hopefully everything falls into place.  I have some fun posts planned and I just overall want to focus on continuing this little dream and exploring what I can do for myself.

What do you have planned for this month?

xoxo, Moefour

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