Top Three Paper Crafting Favorites

I've been doing a lot of paper crafts recently - cutting up folders and designing inserts for various planners - and I've found my top three favorite paper crafting things.  I am so happy to have all three of these in my life (is that weird?) and two of them are super new and super convenient to have.

I actually got this little guy from Hobby Lobby on clearance and I can't believe I never snatched this up before.  It has a set of tweezers, a dual ended scoring tool, a small craft knife, and not to mention all the amazing powers of a bone folder.  I've been using this recently non-friggin-stop.  It is so convenient that I just can not stand it!  The blue in the picture is from use....some blue dye from some paper transferred to the plastic.  But this guy is super useful.

I have quite a few paper cutters all serving different purposes.  I have a larger one that I used to cut down large sheets of paper or through anything that is really thick. Then I have a smaller one good for quick projects and the like.  When I was searching for paper cutters I made sure to buy a brand that seemed like it would be around for a bit so the replacement blades would be readily available.  I used some of my 40% - 50% off coupons to get a good deal on these as well way back when I picked them up.

This is something I never knew existed until I got into Project Life and now I use them for everything.  Any time something needs to be attached to something else, these guys are too the rescue.  I love that there are different types you can get - reposition-able or permanent adhesives and different widths - because they can be used for virtually any project.  I've recently been using them to make little folders for my Filofax but they are great for any attaching you need to do.  Way better than messy glue or even glue sticks.

These three things have been the items I've been reaching for every time I sit down to craft.  I find that the bone folder is so versatile and am so happy I picked it up!

What crafty things are you loving right now??

xoxo, Moe

**Edited to add - Just found out that Craftsy is offering some free eGuides for various hobbies and I found this download for Paper Crafting!  Hurry and check it out while they are free! (Bonus: some of the guides have class discounts, too!)

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