6 Ways to Save Money on High End Cosmetics

I'm in the middle of a no-buy-turned-low-buy right now so I haven't treated myself to nice, high end makeup in quite a while but over the holidays I saved a bit on a Mac splurge and recently I've signed up for Glambot (more about that below) so I thought I'd do a little round up of ways to save money on high end makeup products!  Some of these you may know about but I also have so surprising tricks you may not have thought of:
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I've mentioned Ebates before on my blog when it comes to saving money but when it comes to high end cosmetics, I've just discovered a trick.  It is an easy site to use - you go to Ebates.com first (make sure you have an account, so sign up here) then from their website, find the site you'd like to shop on.  You earn a percentage back on your online shopping by going to ebates first & finding your shop.  Once you click the shop you'd like to buy from, that is it.  Ebates tracks you purchase amount and issues you a credit to your account.  Believe me, it's not a scam.  I love it because there's no minimum pay out.  If you have an amount when payout time comes, you get that amount.

Here is a trick though - when I was planning on purchasing MAC's Lightscapade Skin Finish I reaaaalllllyyyy wanted to save a few pennies on it (even just a few!) but could not find the MAC store on the Ebates website.  I originally swatched some MAC products at Nordstrom so I found the Nordstrom online store through Ebates search and shopped MAC from there!  This is a great way to take advantage of any department store sales and any cash back deals going on with Ebates.  I can't believe I didn't think of this little trick earlier and I plan on doing this any other time I'm looking for something high end!  You can also install Ebates to your browser's tool bar and then it will alert you when you can get cash back.  That is great if you forget to go to Ebates like I do sometimes.

Choose a store & stick to it
I shop at Ulta almost exclusively for high end stuff - firstly because it's the only exclusive makeup place close to me and because I love their points system.  I build up my points by getting services at the salon - I always need a hair cut and an eyebrow wax, so I go there to build up my points.  I also shop their holiday collections and sets to get more for my moolah and am able to try different things.  If you go their and do your regular drugstore style couponing (though I really do love my CVS coupons!) you can get your drugstore essentials done and add to your points.  I try to cash in my points at the end of the year because I'll have quite a bit and get quite a bit knocked off my purchase.

Ulta also sends out 20% off coupons once or twice a year and sometimes they included high end/prestige makeup.  These are the best.  You get 20% off your whole purchase and that can be really helpful.  And if you have you points built up you can get even more off.  It's all about patience & timing to save!

This is a website I just found out about recently but it is a site where you can buy fully sanitized, gently used make up.  I know that kind of turns people off but the site has strict sanitation regulations as well as regulations on what you can sell back to them.  That's right, you can make money from your gently used high end makeup!  From what I understand, the site sanitizes the products in a way that they are sealed/etc like new.

They are always offering sales and deals as well.  I can't tell you how many times I've found a Glambot email with a deal creeping into my inbox.  I love it!  The prices are great and the site tells you how much of a product is left.  It is great if you're looking to try something out but don't want to pay full price.  They have tons of brands - Nars, Urban Decay, MAC, Laura Mercier - and have tons of different products - lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, etc - so it's a great shop to browse.  But, don't leave anything in your cart too long or you'll loose it!  It's almost like a flash sale site because of the unique nature of the items they sell.  There may only be one so you should snatch it up.  They also have a great referral program too!

You may already know about Hautelook - a site that sells name brand products in a flash sale style.  Usually, Hautelook has a group of products on their site for a week or so and you can purchase high end makeup/skincare for a really good price.  I've bought nearly all my The Balm cosmetics off of Hautelook.  But Hautelook is also a part of Nordstrom rack which also has an online site.

I do like to go into the Nordstrom Rack stores and browse their selection from time to time.  I did pick up some Lorac Cosmetics there before.  This is a store you should check back on often!

TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls
These stores were just added to my discount arsenal after I found a GlamGlow face mask, Kat Von D lipstick, and an Estee Lauder travel case!  These stores are hit & miss but soooo worth it to stop in often.  I do have a TJ Maxx near me & a Ross will be coming soon, so I can't wait to see what else I can scope out.

I think that Ross generally has good, bulk drugstore make up - I've picked up some Physician's Formula products 3 to a pack for about $7.  But TJ Maxx and Marshalls have the really good stuff.  They get in the high end stuff.  The things I've found were from a line that got new packaging - the Kat Von D lipsticks - and the Estee Lauder compacts were from a travel collection in 2013.  So it's not the brand new releases but if you're looking to try a brand you may find something helpful there.

I hope this little round up gave you some ideas on where you can find some awesome deals on high end makeup!  I looovvvee a deal and these are great ways to try new things with out breaking the bank.  My favorite little trick is the Ebates trick....I plan on using that in the future.  Sephora and Ulta sites are on there so you can get a percentage back & build up your points!  Man, I love rewards systems!!

How do you save money on your high end purchases?  Any products you've gotten at a super great deal?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Sephora is nice too, because they will give you samples of whatever you want to try. There's one in Valpo. ;)

  2. I like hautelook. The balm is on there pretty often and I love their primer. Paying $15 instead of $30 for that primer is fantastic.


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