New Notepads in the Stationery Shop

Do you remember that time I opened a stationery shop?  You remember that time when I would design my butt off making invitation suites, stickers, and more?  Remember when I kind of let that slip?  Yeah, I do too.

Well, today is the day that changes.  I've added four new 5.5" x 6" minimalist notepad designs based off of this DIY.  So if you dare to have a peak, pop over here.  Below are the four new additions:

I have been loving simple black and white lately.  I am totally all over these and their simplicity - and there should be many, many more to come.  They are pretty big, being 5.5" x 6" so they can take up residence on your desk or in your stationery pile and they are probably a good fit to punch into your personal sized ring bound planners like a Filofax or Kikki K!  Ooooooooooh....when my Kikki K comes in I'm so going to see how these look in there!  Ideas are swimming!

What are you favorite kinds of list pads?  Any ideas for more?

xoxo, Moe 

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