Wednesday Decor // Upstairs Remodel Update

About 3-4 ish months ago we tore up the carpet in our upstairs bedroom and the old living room of the house in hopes of turning our home into a 3 bedroom house.  First off...how amazing will it be to have 3 bedrooms?  We don't need three bedrooms, but boy there will be so much room for activities!  
The upstairs sans carpet before all the walls:
I'm standing with the dining room behind me looking down our long empty space.  The bifold doors on the right are the laundry doors (it's just a closet type deal) past that is our old bedroom.

While Zach was off at the end of last year, he had our contractors come in and help him tear out a wall, replace some vents, and map off where the new door to our old bedroom would be.  We had to move our bedroom door in order to fit a hallway in front of it.  When you come up our stairs to the second floor the kitchen is in front of you  Right now, we're leaving that alone but when you turn to the left there is our dinning area.  We are expanding that to be bigger and putting a wall up to frame the closet of the 3rd bedroom.  Along the wall where the bathroom and laundry room is will be a wide hallway.
In the image above, to the left is the beginning of the laundry table deal.  It is across from the laundry room and we really needed more storage for cleaning supplies etc.  We'll move that into cabinets above the counter (which could be used as a mini command station!) and put a stacking washer and dryer in the laundry room to free up space for a linen closet type deal.  The right image is the walling off of the closet to our new room and our room.  The laundry counter thing sticks off the outside of the side wall of the closet.  Where the ladder is in the images above is the inside of the closet and on the other side of the door is our room.  These two images were taken from the same angle and the ladder only moved a couple of feet towards the outer wall.
Standing a few feet back from where I was standing in the first image you can see the dry wall is covering the wall that is the back of our closet.  It is also the back wall (or front wall?) to our dinning room.  The hallway me made was huge - to make sure we can fit the furniture around the sharp corners and to give room for someone to walk by with the laundry doors open.  Right behind that wall is our closet and the laundry counter thing is behind it as well.  If you go down the hall and turn left at the end you'll enter our bedroom.  If you go down the hall and turn right you'll end up in our old bedroom.
Behind that leaning drywall is the laundry counter thing.  Our new bedroom is on the left and then our old bedroom is on the right.  The third bedroom will be slightly bigger and we'll move in here once it's all said and done.  There will be a small walk in closet as well.  All in all we're finally getting some work done on the place.  Man do I hate the work part!  Can't wait to share it with you!

xoxo, Moe

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