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I've been loving using my Raspberry Saffiano Filofax that I picked up on Amazon for a steal way back in August/September of 2014.  And the part I've been loving the most is my Blog Planner that you probably saw in my Blogging Kit 2.0 post (ps - original Blogging Kit is here).  I had this section in my old planner and just moved it over to my Filofax & fine tuned it.  Today I want to share with you a free printable blog planning calendar like I use when I sit down to blog.  I've gotten a lot of requests on YouTube and in general to share the actual inserts - and I'm here with them today!  (All downloads are at the end of the post!)
Editorial Calendar
First off I sat down with my calendar open in word and mapped out all the reoccurring posts on my blog.  I used to this in my original blog planner - see that here - and it worked really great to keep me organized and motivated.  I just did a digital version in word this time on a month on one page calendar I designed.
By filling in all the reoccurring posts, I know exactly the open spaces in the month and exactly what needs to be done the week before.  There are weekly segments - Make it Monday, Trend Tuesday, Wednesday Decor - and monthly segments - Boost your Blog, Monthly Favorites, Goals, and Goal Review - and new segments I've added bi-weekly - app reviews, Beauty Reviews, etc.  This gives me a good outline but because it's my blog nothing is really set in stone!

I don't hold myself to this, though.  If things need to be moved around - I move them around.  I'd rather go with inspiration than feel limited to a rigid schedule.

Weekly Scheduler
Between my calendar and my idea pages I have small 1/4 page weekly planning pages.  These pages are where I write down exactly what I have scheduled for the week.  Since my editorial calendar can get to be just a generic overview these weekly pages get the name of the post on the corresponding day/date after it's been scheduled.
I try to plan a few weeks in advance and this just gives me an idea of exactly what is happening on what day and I can see more clearly exactly what is going on in a specific week.  I can also see what week is missing posts.  I don't pressure myself - if I have a full week of posts, amazing! But I try to shoot for 3 completed posts that I'm proud of.  I focus on quality over quantity!

Blog Post Idea Pages
The next part of my blog planning arsenal are blog post planning pages. Once I have an idea that I want to really focus on developing in to a blog post I move it over the these Idea Pages.  Because of the 3 columns I can see the idea to completion more easily.

I like that I can compartmentalize my ideas.  I find that if I have a broad idea that I can't break down I get overwhelmed & it gets pushed aside.  I have plans to reopen my etsy shop but because I can't compartmentalize the designs I want to sell, I can't find myself working towards it.  I need to create a system for that!  So the first column is for the topic idea which may turn into the name of the blog post.  In the second column is a notes feature.  Here I write any notes about what I want to share, any steps I need to remember, etc.
Then I can move it to my to do list area in my weekly planning pages.  From there I can work on the post during the week checking off the boxes in the 3rd column.  Since I try to squeeze in blogging where I can I might photograph for a few posts one day, right the draft post another, etc.  If the post is checked off as scheduled that means I'm totally done with it and I can just wait for it to go live.  The publish check box just lets me know what ideas have been seen all the way through.

So today I have for you the downloads of all three of these things!!  Now, don't hurt me but I'm not 100% sure these will work!  I designed them in Word and that calendar should be editable - there is a Word document and a PDF inclueded.  You should be able to type into the template your own editorial calendar.  Additionally, these are made to print on paper trimmed to 5.5x8.5 inches - so half-letter size.  I use half letter size in my A5 Filofax because it fits just fine for me!

I hope these printable planner pages work for you!! These would be great for an A5 size filofax, a half size binder like I used to use, or you could bind them however you wish!  You could trim and punch them to clip into a coil bound planner as well.

Please remember that these pages are for personal use.  Please play fair - don't disseminate these as your own, only link to the blog post, don't sell these, and just all around be nice.  Hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Moe


  1. These are amazing!! Thanks for sharing, I'll definetly use them to organise my life/ blog hahah

    xx Cecil

  2. These look great! I especially like the blog post idea template. I use a paper editorial calendar as well as an online one and wrote about it last month. I find that it helps me visualise better when I see it on paper.

    1. Agreed, I tried doing digital but it is better for me if it's something physical.


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