Make it Monday // DIY Mixed Metal Pennant Necklace

I haven't had a Make it Monday on the blog in forever it feels like!! Today I want to share with you a super easy DIY that is inspired by a necklace I saw somewhere online.  I can't remember exactly where I saw it, but when I saw it I instantly thought I can do that!  Let's get started:
Supplies - needle nose pliers, wire cutters, assorted metal jewelry head pins or pin with a loop (15 to be exact), assorted metal jump rings (8 to be exact), thin metal jewelry chain, clasp (I used a lobster clasp), assorted tube bead and accent beads.
I used a lot of my current jewelry making stash to make this necklace so I didn't have any of the head pins with loops.  Instead, I used my wire cutters to snip off the flat end of the head pin and made my own loop.  Start by doing this if you need to, you'll need 15 of these pins.
Next, start beading.  I just used some purple tube beads and copper accent beads to create different patterns.  Once you've finished one pin, make another loop at the end so the beads don't fall off.  Repeat for all your pins.
Now, make a triangle with three of the beaded pins by opening the loop on one pin and joining it to the other.  Once you get three in a line, open the loop on the last pin and flip the first pin on to that loop.  Close the loop and you should have a triangle.  This is a bit tricky so work carefully and be patient.  Repeat until you have 5 triangles.
Lay the triangles out side by side so the top points match.  Open a jump ring and attache the first two pennants together. Open another jump ring and attach the second triangle to the first triangle.  Continue until they are all connected by their top two points. 
Put a jump ring at each end of your pennant chain to attach your thinner chain.  I measured ____ inches for each side, attached the chain to the jump rings then added the clasp with two more jump rings.
Now the necklace is done! I love the dainty look of this necklace and it would make the perfect gift for a friend or a sister.  I had so much fun seeing this idea come to life and can't wait to wear this out.  I think it would also be fun to wear to a little holiday party...of course you can wear it year round as well!

xoxo, Moe

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