Revisiting November 2014 Four Simple Goals

What's up guys?? Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a few posts I wanted to get up last week but it just didn't happen....and I'm ok with that.  I have been wanting to post more & more & more & more but sometimes I just feel like the posts I have aren't ready yet or that I've said way too much and need to edit them down.  But anyway, let's just get into November 2014 goals:

Complete a No Spend & follow my Budget - I think I did it.  I did cave one day and spend about $10-$12 at CVS during their beauty clearance.  Soooooo.....I wasn't too bad, especially because I got a Physicians Formula foundation for $0.62!  Yeah!  I also did follow my budget because I didn't overspend but I do need to figure out more on how much gas I use.  I though that I'd fill up once a week for about $35-ish bucks but with travel and just running around I think I filled up more than 4 times this month.  I don't quite know how to budget that but I think I did rather well in November! 

Add at least 2 new designs in the Zazzle shop - This did not happen.  I tried but I just felt so dang overwhelmed with the options that Zazzle offers.  I didn't know what to make...I just wasn't feeling inspired.  I know this is something I need to focus on in the new year I just don't know what to focus on.

Clean up the blog tags - I sat down to do this and I realized that there are soooooo many tags on my blog that are unrelated and so many tags where I have multiple of things that are similar.  I think this is going to be a bigger goal next year because I have a lot of posts and they need to be categorized better.  I need to think on this more!

Cook 3 more meals - This did happen...yay!! The first meal was I made delicious fried chicken fingers.  So. Stinking. Good!  The second meal wasn't a total success but it was a stepping stone to keep trying - I made some pasta sauce myself.  It was ok, but I know I can make it better.  The third meal was Chili.  The first time I made chili, it was meh.  This time it was pretty great.  So I have at least two recipes under my belt that I can make and adapt.

November was an ok month.  I wouldn't say it was my best month, but hey it's coming up to the holidays so I need some time to relax!! 

How was your November?  Did you get anything accomplished?

xoxo, Moe

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