Revisiting my FOCUS

Way, way (way, way, waaaayyy) back toward the beginning of 2014 I decided to do this thing called One Little Word.  And by do this thing I mean take something I saw on the internet and run with it only having a small understanding of it - you take one little word and live it for a year.  I am so, so, so very bad with goals, I've spoken about it before, and about mid year I realized I'd completely given up on this One Little Word thing.  Or had I?
My word for 2014 is FOCUS, my first (maybe only real post on it) is here.  I talked a lot about refocusing - the blog, the shops, etc.  I talked about expanding the Zazzle store, I talked about doing YouTube videos.  About mid year I realized I hadn't mentioned my word nearly at all since that post.  But in reflection, I'd found that I had be focusing on things....just not in the way I intended.  This is what always happens to me with goals.  I set them and then forget about them but in a round about way get back to them and feel accomplished in the end.  That is how I feel about this little word here.  I did end up focusing on a lot of different things in my life.

I started off by doing the Four Simple Goals posts each month with the goal in mind to focus on our relationship (between Zach & I and us as a family), focus on the house, and focus on a 516 endeavor.  While I started out different than where I ended.  I'm glad I'm ending where I am.  It's weird how things have worked out...you know?

Focus on Us
We started doing more things together with intention and we are growing together everyday.  I try to make it a point every now & then to just sit down and be together.  We play games, we watch shows, we just hang out where it's just us....and the dog!  We've also started going to SCA events where we learn a lot about different, historical things and just have fun socializing together.  I think that Project Life has helped me focus on us because I'm documenting our lives and reliving memories.  I especially want to point out this post on how we just decided to move 800 miles away together.  It is so funny to look back on things and be surprised.  I've also focused a lot on me and who I am (this post and this post and this post reflect that).  This has helped me identify what I bring to the table as being one part of the us I'm talking about!

Focus on the House
A lot of small projects got done this year.  A lot of organizing and consistency happened this year.  I worked on a cleaning schedule and we finished some of the odds and ends that needed to be done and we started some new ones.  This year was about appreciating the space we have and making the most of it.  We have a long way to go and I'd like to continue focusing on the house in 2015 because theres a lot to do.  I feel like it's a constant struggle for me with upkeep!  Who really wants to rake leaves and mow the grass? Not me!

Focus on 516 
This was a big one.  While I didn't expand in the areas I initially mentioned I branched out and tried new things.  I also went back to blogging just for me.  I am keeping my sidebar ads down because I want to promote things I love.  I'm keeping my shops down because I don't want the pressure and it's not always about $$.  It's about creating!  Offering freebies on the blog was another big step.  I always tend to want to sell what I've created but freely sharing has made me happier.  I feel like with Project Life I've renewed my love of design, but in a new light.  My YouTube channel and my love of make up has really been a way to be creative as well and show my artistic side.

So there's just a little update here before the end of the year.  I might take this little project further next year.  I'm already thinking about what my word will be next year.....what is a good, over arching word that I can apply to my life?  I like focus because it has an action so I want to choose a strong word next year as well!

Did you choose a word to live by this year?  Will you choose one next year?

xoxo, Moe

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