Modcloth Holiday Gift Guide // My Top 3 Faves

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Did you know there are only 42 more days until Christmas 2015?  I can't even believe it!  I have to say that this time of year is my favorite.  I feel like everyone puts aside their differences to come together - except when there is a huge fight over the last whatever the tickle-me-elmo will be of the 2014 shopping season.  Any who, it is time to mention the Modcloth gift guide (don't worry I have another gift guide coming up soon too!).  I've picked out my top three favorites from the gift guides on the Modcloth website.  Here are my picks:
First off when I saw the Yule Be in my Heart Sweater in the Holiday Fun Guide it was an instant fave.  Anything to do with gnomes and I'm all, all, all over it.  The cute little gnome just gets me!

Second, this Gatsby inspired friendship necklace is so cute.  Last year I gave Katie a Tardis Friendship necklace that I love but seeing this West & East necklace just makes me so sad that we are so far apart!  I found this necklace in the Gifts for Gals Guide.

And finally, this corgi plush just kills me! He is so cute!!  I would cuddle with him so hard but I do have a real life corgster to cuddle to death.  If you need some corgi in your life, you can find him in the Quirky Gifts Guide.

Modcloth always has the coolest gifts around this time.  Of course, they always have the coolest gifts all year round but if you're in a pinch you can't go wrong with anything on their site!

What are your Modcloth favorites?  Have anything from years past that you still love?

xoxo, Moe

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