5 Tips for Organizing Project Life Cards

Now that my love of Project Life has been renewed, I'm back to sharing some tips for you! I've found that the biggest problem is organizing the cards to easily be able to find them in the middle of shoving pictures in to pockets.  Let me tell you - I love pocket scrapbooking for a few reasons (outlined in this post) but the biggest reason is that it's not intimidating.  I don't have to fill a whole 12x12 page with carefully coordinated papers - I just cut photos slip in pockets, add journalling, and I am done.  Now, if you're big into flair and decorating - good for you, that's totally an option.  However, for me.....that's not what I'm into.  Pretty much I just use the pocket cards.  I tried to use little labels and elements and it just was too much.  Simplicity is what I'm after!
I went through a few ways of organizing my cards when I had one core kit and a few little kits but now that I have 4 core kits and a bunch of cards printed from blogs & cards designed by myself - there's a lot more to organize!  Here are my 5 tips:

Choose your side
The biggest tip I've found - and forgive me, I don't remember where - was to sort through your cards and choose the side you like.  This way you're never flipping cards to see what's on the back.  When I get a kit I open it, giggle like a kid on Christmas, then sort through the cards and align them the way I want.  I grab a stack then pick & flip.  If I like the front of the card (as it's laid out in the kit) I set it down with the front facing up.  If I like the back of the card (as it's laid out in the kit) I set it down on my table with the back facing up.  This way I'm aligning the cards in the way I will put them in my card organization system.  The side facing up will be the only side I will ever look at (sounds scary huh?).  If I like the back and the front and I can't decide - half go front facing and half go back facing.  That way I have a variety.

Sort your cards by color
I find that I'm motivated by color.  When I was reading other's blogs on how they organize, some crafters sorted their cards just by kits.  That didn't quite work for me as I really wanted to incorporate kits that might compliment each other.  I didn't want to feel limited because I only saw one kit in front of me.  So I divide my cards by color when I'm choosing my sides.  Then the cards go into my basket in the corresponding color spots.  Don't worry if you have a few cards that have multi colors - I have a multicolor section!

Sort by type
I also sort my cards by type - there are patterns/colors, journaling, and graphic.  When I'm choosing my sides and sorting by color I'm also sorting by type.  Patterned cards get mainly sorted by color, journaling cards get sorted into a journaling card pile, and those cards with a large graphic, title, or saying are sorted into another pile.  When you choose your sides that will help you find all your journaling cards.  

Find a system you can put away
I have a basket that fits nice & neat in a shelf under my desk and it's just the right height to store the 3x4 cards vertically and the 4x6 cards horizontally.  I suggest a system that you can store because it will get it out of the way so you can clean your workspace.  I like that I can pack away my cards because I have a lot of crafty interests I need to pack one away and bring another one out.  Baskets are my general craft storage of choice so I just went on with it.  If you only have one kit and a few little things you can use the box the kit came in a long with the tray to lean the cards up when you're working with them then square them up and lay them flat back into the tray sections to store them.

Create dividers
In order to know what colors & types of cards exist in my collection I created dividers from sheets of scrap paper with the color & type listed on it.  The dividers stick up just above the cards, not too far, just far enough to see the division.  On the dividers, of course, I wrote the color and the type.  I have all colored 3x4 cards on one side, all 4x6 cards in the front, and all the journaling cards in the back.  I know what I'm reaching for and where I'm reaching quite easily.

All of these tips can help no matter how big or small your collection is to help you sort and store your pocket scrapbooking cards.

How do you store your cards?  Any other tips you can offer?

xoxo, Moe


  1. This is the best system I have read yet! I will definitely be following these guidelines

  2. This is the best system I have read yet! I will definitely be following these guidelines


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