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Hey there!  Popping in for a quick little Sunday blog post to share with you an affordable brand that just got even more affordable by being featured on HauteLook.  If you've been reading the blog for a bit you may remember my BH Cosmetics haul & review here from back in the summer.  I was super annoyed and not satisfied with a lot of the products...so I only recommend a few products & when they are on sale.  Well here it is...BH Cosmetics is on HauteLook!  Head on over here - sign up if you need to, you won't regret it! - and get you some discounted BH Cosmetics!  Guess what, you can even use Ebates to get money back for shopping online too.  If I wasn't on my no-buy (which I already violated because of the stupid CVS beauty clearance) I would totally be all over this.  Since there are only a few things I would actually recommend from this brand, I'll just share them with you now:
I love the 10 Professional Blush Palette and would venture to guess the 10 Glamorous Blush Palette would be of the same quality and for only $7 you can't beat it.  I recommended the Concealer & Corrector palette in my concealer video - the perfect time to pick it up on sale for $5, a good price for what you get.  This palette is really only good for highlighting with the three skin tone shades and the single yellow corrector shade.  Word of caution though, the shade pictured in the collage above is the shade light and the image on the website is not true to color.  Light is way light not the medium sort of look they have going on here.  I also think the Blush Duos are at a great price of $4 to pick up.  Some of them have a blush and highlight duo thing going on.  I hear good things about the eyeshadow primer and the foundation primer though their original prices are around $15 & $20, snagging them for around $9-$12 is stupid great especially since you hardly know if you'll be satisfied.

Just thought I'd share if you've been wanting to try somethings or want to pick up somethings you may love, head on over to HauteLook and check it out.

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