Beauty Review // City Color Intense Blush Quads

City Color Cosmetics has been making the rounds lately for their awesome, affordable cosmetics - and I have to say I agree.  I found a few City Color items at 5 Below the other day and thought I'd give them a whirl.  I'd seen older City Color products in stores before but never the newer items that have been making the rounds recently.  So here are my thoughts on these pretty affordable blush quads:
From the Website
Our Intense Blush Quad is a girls ultimate must-have blush for bold and bright cheeks. Its enhanced formula is richly pigmented and blends beautifully for a flawless silky finish. Comes in 4 vibrant collections for your perfect glam look.
Information taken from the City Color website here.

First Impression & Application
First off richly pigmented is not an understatement.  These blushes are pack a powerful, colorful punch!  The sleek black packaging is nice and sturdy.  It might be a little too bulky for me, but I know these blushes aren't going to shatter easily because of the hefty packaging.  Fun Fact: In the store I dropped a palette from the display and it was fine.  Each quad comes with two very thin brushes.  Usually you get a fatter, flat brush with a blush from the drug store and this reminds me of one nearly half the size of the usual brush. 
These blushes have a grid texture imprinted on the surface.  This is only a turn off for me when swatching by hand because I have a weird thing with certain textures.  The over all feeling of the actual product is very smooth and they don't kick up a lot of powder.

Additionally, the price listed on the City Color website is $5.99 but at 5 Below I only paid $4.00!  Steal!

Wear Time
The wear time of these blushes is impressive as well.  You only need the slightest amount on your brush to get a big color pay off.  I've found that the darker blushes in the orange palette sort of leave a stain on my cheeks.  Sometimes that can look a bit crazy especially if you're not wearing a long-wear foundation.  However, since I like to get a good 8 hours out of my blushes and other face make up, these are perfect.

Overall Impressions & Recommendations
As you can see by the swatches the two different quads would suit your skin tone differently.  If you have a darker skin tone the orange quad would show up beautifully with out any building. However with the pink quad you might have to do some building if you have a deeper skin tone.  I definitely think that blush color all depends on your comfort level but each of these offers some benefits for a variety of skin tones.  If you choose one quad you do have a variety of colors to change with the seasons.  Currently, for the early fall time I love a neutral shade and in the Orange palette the first shade on the left and the 3rd shade from the left really speak to me.  Additionally, in the pink palette the 3rd from the left shade is another perfect neutral shade.  As we move into the winter, the first shade on the left in the Pink palette will give a nice rosey cheek.  These palettes are versatile!

Overall, for $4.00 I think these quads are amazing if you're on a tight beauty budget.  Even for the $5.99 price tag on the City Color website that's not bad, but as always I suggest saving money, so if you can get it for $1 a pan...you should do it!  These are so pigmented and the price is really a steal!

Have you tried anything from City Color Cosmetics?  What products would you recommend?  Where have you found them out in the wild?

xox, Moe

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