May - August 2014 // Project Life Album

Today I want to give you a peak inside the album I created for May - August of 2014.  This is my second completed album, ever.  I realize that I skipped around a lot in this journey but that is the beauty of Instagram and my blog - I've got the history I can look back on and I can print later.  So here we are, another picture heavy post.  Hope you enjoy a look into the Summer here while were waiting on snow to fall!
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So there it is!  My second completed album that spans Summer 2014.  I used the month titles from the Caylee Grey Blog here and these calendar cards here to fill in some important dates to remember.

Let me know if you think it would be too much to share month by month on the blog.  I actually really like sharing my albums completed because you can see the front collage page that I make.  I was thinking I would show you month by month as I fill up my small albums but maybe I will keep it into sections.  Next year I think I will divide the year into quarters instead of trimesters like it is now.  We'll see.  You can read more about my Project Life journey here and check out all my Project life posts (including free cards!) here.

How do you divide up your Project Life albums?  Do you do a 12x12 weekly or do you change it up?

xoxo, Moe

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