Make it Monday // Three More Simple DIY Tabs

If you can't tell I'm in back to school mode - even though I'm not going back to school. Sometimes I want to cater to everyone & share an idea in a way that it can apply to a lot of different people - students included. I'm using my planner daily & making it a creative place but customizing a lot of things. This DIY can be used to make any notebook, book, journal, planner, binder, etc a creative space & customize it a little bit.  I think this would be perfect to divide off a blog idea book (thats what I used this little black, white, & yellow Kate Spade notebook for!)
Supplies: scrapbook paper, craft knife/box cutter, paper cutter, paper clips, washi tape, corner rounder, ruler

Start by selecting scrapbook paper in colors to match your planner/binder/etc - I have a loose black & white thing going on in mine so I chose black & white patterns.
Slice your scrapbook paper into 2 inch strips (or however wide you want them to be). From here you can decide what exactly you want size wise. I made some that were about 2 inches square for smaller tabs and some that were a few inches long that I could clip into the rings of my binder for more stability.

If you're down for it, round your corners on each side with your corner rounder.

To make sure your tabs stay in place grab coordinating paper clips & slice a small horizontal line 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch down from the top. Slip your paper clip into the slip to attach to your planner page.
If you're using a half size binder like I am you can only get a row of three tabs in but if you're using a six ring planner there are six tabs (that don't overlap) there for you. These removable tabs are good for notebooks & binders to separate classes, important notes, etc.

Hope this was helpful!

xoxo, Moe


  1. Amazing idea! I need to make some of these to organize my messy work binder!

  2. Love these! I'll have to make a few to add to my planner.


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