Review // Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Color Icon 5 Pan Palettes

If there is one Drugstore brand that I get super hyped about when something new is announced, it's Wet n Wild. I just live for the new products with the changing seasons. Honesly, I can't wait for this holiday season as well! Here I have for you a review of two of the 5-pan pallettes from the Fall 2014 Wet n Wild collection
From the Website
Five amazing shades in one convenient package for an unbeatable price! Each eyeshadow palette features five distinct shades that can be mixed and matched to create a unique look for every style. From matte to ultra-shimmer, these long-lasting, highly pigmented formulas are satiny-smooth for crease resistant wear. Enriched with Macadamia Oil, each shadow provides continuous moisture that improves the appearance of the delicate eye area.
taken from the Wet n Wild website here.
First Impression & Application
These shadows come in the standard 5-pan configuration first released in the Spring 2014. The two collections I have are Melrose at Night and Smoke and Melrose. Melrose at Night has one satin-finish shade (Browbone) and 4 shimmer shades. Smoke and Melrose has one matte shade (browbone), one satin-finish shad (base), and 3 shimmer shades. First impression of this collection was that these were the only two I would consider buying and I'd probably only end up getting one of them since the looked so similar when I saw them online. However, when I was in the store (I found these at Walgreens) I realized while these are similar-ish, they are still very different.
If you've been disappointed in the texture of the previous 5-pan palettes, you'll be happy to know that the buttery texture you're used to with the trios is present (at least in these two). I credit this to the fact that there are more shimmer shades. The only original 5-pan I have is The Naked Truth and those shadows are matte. The texture of the shadows in the Melrose at Night and Smoke and Melrose palettes is much smoother, reminiscent of the original trios & 8-pan palettes.

Another first impression I had was that they reminded me of two other palettes - the Chocolate Bar palette from Two Faced and the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. There is a combination of deep, chocolate shades, rose shades, a bright cream shade, and a gold shade - characteristics of each of those higher end palettes.
 Melrose at Night
Smoke and Melrose
Wear Time
I'm pretty impressed with these 5 pan palette!  I was not impressed with the first set of 5 pan palettes that came out a bit ago but these do blow me away.  Like I mentioned above, the texture reminds me of the classic trios and 8-pan palette in that they are very smooth.  They do kick up a bit of powder, but if your familiar with Wet n Wild trios & 8-pan palettes, it's not flakey at all.

The lasting time is about the same as the original formula in their trios & 8 pans. I use the Mary Kay Cream Shadow in Apricot Twist as a primer because it is pretty much amazing and stays all day.  So with that primer these shadows stayed all day.  On an unprimed eye I would say they last about 4-6 hours.  These are highly comparable to the trios & 8-pans I love!

Overall Impressions & Recommendations
These have impressed me very much and I would say if you're looking to get that rose gold eye look that has been made popular by the Naked 3 palette, these two palettes are for you!  In comparing these two palettes to my Revealed 2 palette (a good dupe of the Naked 3) I totally see the comparisons.

Unlike the Maybelline The Nudes palette I reviewed a few weeks ago that just seemed mediocre - these two Wet n Wild palettes are must haves.  They have the same rose gold feature that's popular and you really can not find that in a drug store palette right now.  At around $3.99 each you also get a nice rose gold collection for less than the price of The Nudes palette (around $11.99).  The only reason I'm comparing The Nudes and the Smoke & Melrose and Melrose at Night is because these are two popular styles of palettes now: nude shade and rose gold shades.  So if you're going for something that is on trend right now, these two Wet n Wild palettes are worth it more so than The Nudes palette.

I can't get over the awesome colors of these palettes and how on trend & dupe-worthy they are!

What are your favorite drug store palettes?  Anything new for you?

xoxo, Moe

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