Three Functional Ways to Use Project Life Cards in your Planner

Since I've gotten back in to my planner I've been wanting functional, yet pretty ways to divide & use my planner so I stay inspired to use it. Not only does this house my editorial calendar - which is what I was planing on only using it for - but it also houses some life plans & inspiration. I wanted this place to be a place where I can dump all my inspiration & thoughts and then draw from later. I want to keep it functional yet pretty.
While at the craft store the other day I found some Project Life & other Project Life style cards on major clearance so I picked some up. I was surprised at the amount of cards that come in these packs & I'm totally stocked up for life. I found the Midnight Collection on clearance and am so excited because it's pretty much all black & white which means I can rely on colorful accents to create an inspiring place. Don't tell Zach but I'm really into black & white right now.....I used to complain about black & white sooooo much! But I find that these cards - both the B&W and the colorful ones I picked up, washi tape, sticky notes, etc add the color I crave and the organization I need.
Dividers - The bigger, 4x6 style cards are great to use as dividers! If you punch them on the longest side you can create a top divider & if you punch it on the shorter side you can create a side divider. Then the bigger space offers a place to put relevant sticky notes or goals for that section. I think these are better to divide a bigger section into smaller, more manageable sections. I also use them to flip to the current day.
Note Jotters - The smaller size cards are great to grab & write a small note on. If something is important - like an appointment or date or phone number - I keep a stack of pre-punched small cards in a pencil case for easy access. Since they are smaller, storing them clipped into my planner I find bulks up the planner and makes it uneven. But these small, decorative scraps are perfect to fill out and then toss when you're done with the task.
Running Lists - I currently keep a Project Life card on the current week in my planner with my cleaning schedule on it. The card itself is broken into a Sunday - Saturday schedule perfect for a cleaning list. I do this because I realize when I don't clean during the week I am unhappy on the weekends. Project Life cards offer a lot of prompts in addition to plain cards so these are great for keeping running reminders or lists that need to be carried over from week to week.

Another thing I want to accomplish with my planner is to use the stationery I love to hoard. My problem is that I buy stationery too pretty to use - and that's not what it's for! Getting some of these PL cards on clearance means I don't feel too bad about ripping them out when I'm done.

How do you use your favorite craft supplies to stay organized? Any other tips for Project Life Cards?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Where did you buy them? can you put the link? I really like these things to stay organised and stuff :)

    xx Cecil

  2. You always inspire me, Moe, but I never can seem to get the hang of planning properly! This season I will.. .(hopefully!)

  3. buy them at michaels or joAnns with a 50 off coupon or some sets cheaply discounted on Amazon


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