Four Simple Goals for August

Well hello there blogland...how have you been?  I'd say that even though I've posted a little bit here & there during my blog break I've been doing a little bit of reflecting & falling in love with blogging again.  I want this blogging space to be mine - I want to blog for me, to blog what I want, and to feel happy blogging.  Through this little break it was hard for me not to blog - but I didn't know what to say, what to post, or how to be creative.  And there was no forcing it either.  So I took a step back & just waited for it to pass.  It seems I always get this way during the Summer where I just feel lost.  I think it might be because I'm too busy enjoying the warm weather & loving that it's Summer....who knows.  But I'm back at it with a whole slew of things to blog about so let's start back to the Four Simple Goals project I started & kept up with til May.  Missed June & July - so I'd say that's pretty good considering I start & stop projects all the dang time.  Here are August's Four Simple Goals:

Clean out the drawers - In our room my chest of drawers is back with random things & clothes.  the bottom drawer became a catch all for stuff & it really should be reserved for clothes.  So I'm going to clean that mess out this month.

Clean out the shed - The shed next to the drive way is great for housing spare boxes but it's pretty much a wreck right now & needs to be taken care of.  We've got some empty cardboard boxes & some storage bins....it's time to get organized.

Button Swaps & Ads - I want to get back into button swaps but I'm not sure I want to get into sponsorships.  I don't want to accept sponsors because it's really too much work for me but I would like to share the love & put my name out there again.

Take a Day Off - This is simple - I want a day off to recharge.  I'm thinking of taking a day off just because.  Because I want a day for me and I want to do me things.  And I want to know that everyone else is working!!

So those are the goals I have set out for August.  Here's to keeping up with projects you start right?  Happy August!

xoxo, Moe


  1. I think i'll also take a day off!! Nice goals and very useful if you get them all done :)


    xx Cecil

  2. I'm trying to clear out our unruly garden so it's all weeded and sorted for getting in the bulbs for next year come autumn. Seems an endless task right now!

  3. My goal for August is to reorganise my room and look into volunteering in my local area :) xxx

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