Trend Tuesday // Three Ways to Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important and it's something I often forget to put on. For the most part, I assume all my makeup has an SPF but a lot of it doesnt!  Some foundations have zero SPF and if I'm not careful I will go out with nothing on. Here are there ways to get your sunscreen on this summer:
CC Cream - a CC cream is supposed to be good for color correcting but often also has an SPF. I like the Revlon CC Cream because the coverage is good enough to cover my light redness when I have a good skin day.  It is not however the best to cover blemishes.  The coverage is rather light so it's great for summer wear but still evens out your skin tone.  I find it breaks down a bit too quick on my oily skin but it doesn't cling to my dry patches.  I would say if you have normal to even a little bit drier skin this would be great.

BB Cream - My favorite line of BB creams are from Rimmel London.  There are two - the original formula (pictured) and the matte formula.  Both have and SPF and both have great coverage for problematic skin.  This is the first BB cream I fell in love with & recommend it to anyone who needs more coverage but still looking for something light weight.  On my oily skin this lasts pretty well.  I'd suggest this for all skin types.  (I just found a very light option in the Matte BB Cream on the US Asos website here - just in case you need it.  The Light in this line is a little too dark)

Mineral Makeup - Pictured above are two options from Elf.  The top is the Personal Blend foundation and the bottom is the smaller Mineral Foundation option.  Mineral foundations often have natural SPFs in their ingredients.  If you're looking for even more coverage from a foundation with SPF but that is still light weight the Personal Blend foundation is my favorite.  (There is a whole review here.)  There are 4 quadrants with different shades so you can mix your own, perfect shade.  Great as we transition between seasons!  I love this on my oily skin!  It stays all day & looks great.  One of my favorite powder foundations for oily skin - I would not suggest this for dry skin.

These three options are also important through any season - you need sunscreen all year round!  Light weight, long wearing, and with an SPF - three great options for any skin type!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Hi Moe :)
    I have the Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream too, and I love it :) Make-up with sunscreen in is also a good way to avoid the seaside fragrance you get with ordinary sunscreens, if you don't want that.



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