How to Save Money on Beauty Products

It's official, I'm into couponing. If you read my last post though you know I'm not in it for the stockpile.  I do not have room in my garage to stock pile & I really don't want to.  Couponing for my is buying brands I want & not couponing just because I have a coupon.  There are many other ways to save on cosmetics & beauty items besides just coupons.  The thing I want to point out here is that you don't have to go crazy as some would call it to save a few bucks.  Saving even a $1 is worth it to me.  Also, there's no need to spend all the time in the world clipping coupons.  Here are four simple ways to save money with out spending 30 hours a week doing it.

Shop at CVS - of course this would be my first suggestion!  For me CVS has the best & easiest to understand coupon program.  Sign up for their rewards card & sign up for the beauty club.  In their beauty club you earn $5 bucks for every $50 you spend.  Free. Money. Right. There.  Not really, but you get what I mean.  The main point of using CVS is that you can get Extra Bucks rewards when you purchase a certain amount of certain products then you can use those Extra Bucks on your next shopping trip.  Also, scan your rewards card or enter your phone number at the big red coupon box to see what kinds of coupons spit out for you.  You might find a coupon for something you're looking for. 

Clip Coupons in Bed - So you know how you put off sleep when your in bed by booping around on your phone.  Or your dicking around on your tablet while watching Law & Order, right?  Go to coupons.com & clip coupons while you're not paying attention to the episode you're watching.  Then you can email them to yourself to print later.  It's also super simple if you have a wireless printer - click on your email, print your coupons, press Next Episode on your Netflix and you're done.  You can also see if your favorite grocery store has an online coupon app.  Our Meijer does and that helps with coupons as well.  I just sit & clip from my phone.  The coupons register to my phone number & when I check out they apply.  I was told however that since those are MFG coupons that you may not be able to use more than one coupon if you buy more than one of the same item.  Haven't tried it yet...but I will!

Use Ebates when shopping online - It's not a joke that this site is awesome.  There's an app for both your phone & tablet (at least for my Apple gadgets).  Ebates works by giving you a percentage back for shopping online at your favorite stores.  If you're on your computer simply go to the ebates website, search for the store you want, click on it & the cash back is activated.  The apps will notify you of special cash back offers and often Sephora & Ulta will have double cash back offers running.  Once you shop, ebates calculates your cash back & issues it to your account.  Then you're able to get your cash back payments issued every 3 months (more info here).

Keep checking Dollar Tree & Big Lots - A lot of the times you'll find recently discontinued products or even over stock products at these retailers.  Recently I found a bunch of the L'Oreal Color Riche Caresse lipsticks for $4.  Of course these are/were a part of the CVS beauty clearance at 50% off this year so you could use CVS coupons to get them even cheaper....but it's still an option.  You can also sometimes find older discontinued products at Big Lots & Dollar Tree too.  A tip for both stores though: don't be afraid to dig!  Big Lots often has bins of make up that you'll have to dig through to find the gems.  Watch out for open lipstick & spilled cosmetics...but dig, girl dig!  Dollar Tree is a bit more organized as often things are hanging from cards on pegs.  But the pegs can be like 5 inches long so flip through until you find what you need!

These are my top tips for saving money on beauty products!  I keep these in mind all the time when I'm out & about or wanting to shop online.  Checking the deals at CVS also helps me plan around what to be on the look out for to spend my Extra Bucks.

How do you pinch pennies when it comes to beauty products?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Great post! I have a club card for collecting points in most stores, and by signing up to their e-mail newsletter, as they often have exclusive discounts on there, coupons that come through the posts, and instore offers. Buying bigger bottles often offers better value for money too.

    Emily Lewis


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