Four Ways to add Text to your iPhone Photos

I am crazy about the beautifully filtered photo with a carefully designed phrase overlay - and these days they are super popular on blogs, pinterest, facebook, & instagram.  Creating these beautiful images has been my obsession ever since I got my iPhone waaaay back in 2011.  Just thinking about that makes me realize I didn't upgrade from my iPhone 4 to the 5s until last December!  Sometimes we think we must have the best & the newest but even having the simplest smart phone can create beautiful images!  Each of these apps has premade overlays or templates for you to insert your own inspirational words just in case you aren't too design inclined. Here we go:

Phoster is one of the first photo/text apps I downloaded & I believe, when I first got my phone.  The image above is from when Zach & I went to DC in the winter of 2011 - so long ago!  I love this app because you can make a long, vertical poster style images.  These are perfect to print but also great for iPhone backgrounds.  A great way to keep your inspirational words close.  You can choose different templates of various designs, then insert a picture or colored background & edit your text.  Additionally there are final overlays like the polka dots above that add a final, fun touch.  Theres even textures like folds & crumpled paper.

The A Beautiful Mess app not only has overlays to create fun graphics but also has the option for collages & filters.  There are collections of doodle & handwritten text overlays in a variety of designs.  Through in-app purchases you can gain access to more overlays as well.  These overlays are great for Instagram pictures because you can convey more with your image.  While there are no templates like with Phoster, you can add your own text in a variety of fonts as well.  

This one is amazing to play with.  Not only are they graphic overlays - like shapes, textures, etc - there are full packs of predesigned inspirational phrases!  The tag line of the app is designs to uplift & inspire so you know they mean some inspirational business!  After going through like 4 of the various quote packs - I'm pretty sure there are a lot for free, but I know there are others that are in app purchases.  If you're a scrapbooker, this app might really appeal to you.  There are tags, elements, quotes, etc and you can add your own words.  Unlike the Phoster app though, there aren't any templates.

Over - $1.99 
Over is another fun app with a lot of free overlay downloads.  There are some in-app purchases available but you get a lot for free a long with the app.  I love this app because the overlays have meaning but are more general.  I have also fallen in love with the script & hand lettered element of the overlays in this app.  There are some that are just gorgeous. You can change the color, size, rotation, etc, and even add your own text.  The overlays aren't limiting either - meaning you can add your own text to go along with the overlays & it will make sense.  The overlays are buildable with in your own idea, is what I'm trying to say.  You can add a hand lettered bit to something of your own making.

I love playing around with different apps - sometimes it's hard to find fun ones so I think it's my duty to share ones with you when I find them!  While some of these aren't new - they are definitely update these sorts of apps all the time so if you put one down you never know what you'll find when you pick it back up!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I love the A Beautiful Mess app for text. Another app that I like for text and graphics is the Studio app or Made with Studio Design. If you haven't tried it out yet, you should!


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