My Coupon Organization

You guys....I just did my first attempt at coupons at the grocery store this past weekend....let's jut say I am no pro when it comes to grocery couponing!  We did save $37 bringing our bill down to $100 - but we also shopped a lot of the sales, bought the Meijer brand of somethings, and used about 4 coupons!  Meijer does have an mPerks app where you can clip manufacturer coupons & use in the store as well.  So we pretty much just saved on butter and sweet tea, the important things for a southern girl right?
The point of this story is that I have a long way to go when it comes to grocery shopping but I like to keep to these tips in mind when it comes to couponing in general!  But this post is about how I recently changed the way I store my coupons....since I'm trying to branch out in to saving on actual important stuff like food!
I was keeping my coupons & my little coupon/sale list in a pencil case from Target clearance.  I separated the coupons out by memory, folding them, & using my notebook as a divider for receipts.  That was working out when I was just working from CVS & printed coupons.  But now that I'm trying to branch out from CVS to include Meijer & Walgreens, I needed a way to separate the coupons by store & type.  I also wanted to keep my receipts for this month as well in a separate space so I don't lose them.
I picked up a small lime green pocket divider from the Dollar Tree & made smaller inserts for it from scrapbook paper.  The green pocket divider only came with 5 slots and I knew I'd need to separate more.  Now each slot has 3 sections in it.
The five main dividers are personal, food, home, clean, & receipts.  The front of the personal divider holds the coupons I plan on using for whatever trip I'm making.  It also holds the coupons I haven't clipped out yet - like register coupons or a whole page of the Walgreens coupon book.  The rest of the personal tab is divided between make up for one section & other (like soap, shampoo, etc).
Food has coupons divided by store - so sometimes I'll get Walmart only coupons if I'm not paying attention or think it might be good to stop in there.  The other coupons are coupons for regular, grocery food and I put some restaurant coupons in there too.
Home is for stuff like Frebreeze coupons, toilet paper, hand soap, sponges, batteries etc.  Things that wouldn't fall under Food or Clean.  While Clean is mainly for Clorox, Swiffer, laundry detergent, dish soap, etc.  

That's how I have my coupons divided so far.....and so far it's working.  I really need to try to step up my food coupon game.  I want to try to set a goal for at least 20% savings on my grocery bill but I'm not sure how to exactly do that - should I also factor in picking the store brand over the name brand?  I'm pretty sure that doesn't show up on your receipt!

Do you save money on your grocery bill? How do you do it?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I'm trying to get into coupling too. I love how you added scrapbook paper to the coupon organizer! I bought a coupon organizer because I am going to start using the envelope system for our budget, and I love how it adds more separation. Great tips!


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