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I've been doing a lot of sewing recently as I am in need of some period style dresses for the SCA events we've been attending.  So far I have one dress I'm pretty proud of, my first dress ever, and a dress I don't know if I can salvage from this past weekend.  I would say I'm a novice sewer at best but the styles of dresses I'm making are just the right amount of difficulty for me.  I put together a little sewing basket to corral all of my items for me using a basket I had laying around from Hobby Lobby.  (Hobby Lobby always has half off basket sales...so just wait for one & you can get a great deal!)
Here is everything all packed together.  I like this little basket because it's small enough to carry around in one hand but fits all the things I need.
I don't have too many spools of thread right now so these all fit rather nicely together in the bottom of the basket.  Then the pin cushion sits to the side.  Bobbins fall nicely beside that & my safety pins, of course, always fall to the bottom anyway.  I really like those colorful pins because if one is dropped I can see it on the cream colored carpet easily.  
Here is a bigger overview too.  The scissors are from a bigger sewing basket I scored at the thrift store one day back in Williamsburg.  It was a huge basket filled up with supplies for only $7! The two hem guide/ruler things (do they have a proper name?) are very helpful in here.  One has a middle part that slides up & down through the middle of the ruler & the other is an actual little clip!  Pretty nifty for pinning & measuring hems.  Other little notions are a handy seam ripper - I like that this one is rather big & sturdy - a thimble, and of course, bobbins.
I pull this little guy to the coffee table along with my sewing machine to get some sewing done.  I think each of these tools is important & helpful - and as a plus, the basket means I'll always know where everything is.

You can assemble a basket like this for super cheap too by checking out the Dollar Tree for small sewing kits, using coupons as Joaanes, & waiting for sales at Hobby Lobby.  Bonus if you can find some awesome stuff at the thrift store!

xoxo, Moe

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