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A bit ago I posted on Instagram that I picked up some things from the BH cosmetics site.  I am not linking to BH in this post for the only reason that I was requested (by BH) to remove a link to them in a previous post - a link they requested me to add in the first place.  But I wanted to review these products anyway because some I'm satisfied with & some I'm disappointed in.  So, if you want to find any of these products, I'm sorry but you'll have to go to the BH website on your own - the links I will provide are all from Amazon (if I can find the product) and are affiliate links, btw.  So if thats not something you're in to.....just an FYI:
So above is what I picked up for a pretty good deal.  I'm always hesitant to buy make up online because unless I've bought it before I don't really know how it will be like.  In this order I did save more than half even after shipping.  Things were on sale, I looked for a coupon code online, & I thought I used Ebates but I don't see anything in my account now.  My original total was $63.90 before shipping.  With the things I got on sale + a 5% off coupon I found on line that saved me only .84 cents - I paid $24.45+$7.95 shipping.  I only paid $32.40.  So I was pretty excited about the discounts to try new things I'd never tried before.  But let's get into the reviews:
I was really excited about these - I thought the would be a fun alternative to the Lorac Pro To Go palette.  I also got a little sample of the eyeshadows in my Ipsy bag way back in the summer of 2013 (here is where I did a make up look featuring it) but the shadows from the sample & the shadows in the actual palette I feel are totally different.  Each palette has 16 eyeshadows & 4 face powders and different themes based on the city they are supposed to represent.  I'm on the fence about these palettes.  Each have fun, pigmented eyeshadows - when you use your finger to swatch them.  But they don't apply very well or have a lot of color payoff when you apply them with a brush.  These eyeshadows are average at best - Wet n Wild and even Elf eyeshadows have much better pigmentation & application.  The eyeshadows in these palettes remind me of a super cheap palette from like a drugstore Christmas aisle.  They are ok....but not great.  The powders themselves are rather chalky & kick up a lot of powder.  The face powders, however, I do like.  Each palette has 4 powders - a highlight type of powder, a deeper powder that might be able to be used as a bronzer, and two powders you'd assume are blushes.  The Malibu face powders are my favorite - I noticed the blush lasted a good long while during the day & the lighter, highlight shade is really pretty.  Overall, I'm glad I got these on sale & would only recommend them if you're looking for a lighter eyeshadow application.  They would be great for travel if thats what you're into but I'm not totally satisfied with them since I don't like every product
Way back in October I had this on my October Wishlist and it's taken me this long to actually pick it up.  I am soooo hesitant to buy make up online when I don't know what it will actually be like.  These blush duos come in cardboard packaging with two individual pans of product.  It's not a split pan type of deal but two separate pans in half circle shapes.  These blush duos have a lighter & a darker side to them and all but the Tulip shade can be used in blush & highlight way.  The Tulip shade has two deeper sides that may not work in that manner & you could probably use them as two separate blushes.  Anyway, back to the one that I have - Rose.  These are pretty average too. The pigmentation is nice and the highlight-and-blush combo is a great idea but all in all, pretty average so the sale price I paid wasn't too bad for it.  I wouldn't recommend paying full price for these.
Bombshell Bronzer in Diva
I think this is the only thing I'm very satisfied with.  I was a bit disappointed that the bronzer has gold flecks of glitter in it when on the website it clearly states that it has a matte finish - of course the glitter isn't picking up on camera, so that is a testament to the next sentence - But the flecks of glitter in there are pointless as they are the chunky kind that will fall off your brush & never reach your face.  I do quite like this bronzer & have used it over the past few days for contouring.  Its a wonderful brown color - not too orange and rather deep (contrary to what the picture shows!), making it perfect for contouring.  I actually would recommend this to you & at a sale price of $3.95 it's a steal.
6 Color Concealer & Corrector in Light
I actually do like this product as well.  It's pretty versatile as it has 3 corrective shades & 3 more skin tone shades. (On the website the Medium is also set up this way but Deep has all skin tone shades.)  However, the skin tone shades in this palette are a bit too light or a bit too off color to really conceal.  I like the lightest shade in the top row for highlighting under my under eye.  Then the other colors in the row have more of that salmon color to conceal under eye circles.  The texture is really smooth & it almost has a powder finish.  This palette applies great with your fingers & blends out nicely with a sponge.  I'd recommend this to you as well.

Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of these items.  I hear a lot of people rave about the quality of other items from BH Cosmetics - so I guess the quality doesn't really stretch across all items.  I am much more impressed with a similar site called Coastal Scents.  I did a review of their Revealed Palette here & they just launched the Revealed 2 palette and I'm excited.

Have you ever used BH Cosmetics?  What did you think?

xoxo, Moe

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