Things I am, Try to Be, & Am Not // Part 2

While going through my blog a while ago I came up on this post titled Things I am, Try to be, & Am not that was written in November of 2012.  Currently it has been over a year since I wrote that post & I'm in a different spot - yet I still feel I am the same.  During that time I'd just moved up north & had spent probably exactly a month in the new house, which was a mess.  I still feel I am all of those things I listed but I wanted to search more within myself to decide what I am, try to be, & am not right now:

I am
+ a hard worker who pushes herself to the breaking point.
+ dreamer of dreams and sometimes not a doer.
+ worrier when little  things go wrong.
+ learning where my no point is.
+ changing into someone in her late twenties.

I try to be
+ more organized both in life & in my home.
+ a positive person by sharing 3 great things that happen.
+ a goal achiever instead of a just a goal setter.
+ less of a worrier & more rational.
+ patient.

I am not
+ able to take things lightly when I'm in my go mood.
+ where I'd like to be in life and working to change it.
+ able to enjoy coffee as much as I'd like

Who are you?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. wowza , I love this post.... like I'm really feeling this post . #InLoveWithThisIdea #IHopeYouDontMindIfICreateMyOwn :)


  2. Just found your blog via habitual homebody and I adore it!!! so cute! And I totally swiped this idea...thanks for the awesome 'prompt'!



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