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Well after the most god awful winter...it's finally getting warmer up north.  In fact, right now I'm sitting at our little table on our little deck typing away.  The chilly Spring weather is here but the snow is (hopefully!) out the window.  There are no longer little patches of snow here & there and those giant snow piles in the parking lots have all melted.  It is wonderful!  Zach, Em, & I have been enjoying a lot of time outside on the deck:
Right now I can't wait to get our little outside oasis all fixed up!  We have a little table set with two chairs & have already had our first dinner out side - it was delicious by the way.  Next is to clean up from winter - leaves, cobwebs, etc - to get the porch good to go for the Spring & Summer.  Here's my deck decor inspiration:
New Melamine Dinnerware - Last year we had nothing on out porch all Spring & Summer long.  We'd sit on the porch outside our front door but never on the deck off the kitchen.  I'm thinking of extending (and fully developing) the colors from the kitchen to the deck.  There's a soft sage & brick red color pattern going on in the kitchen so extending that to the deck will be nice.  These melamine dishes & acrylic cups are great for this!  I love the pattern on them & the won't break when dropped.  Added bonus.

Decorative String Lights - These string lights are super cool!  I love the shape of the bulb - they are called Edison Bulbs - and I think they will look really neat all lit up at night.  The cord is brown so it will blend in with our deck which is also painted brown.  I was thinking about searching for cool Christmas lights at the end of the season but I didn't want to deal with the green cord looking all funky against the brown color.

Plants, Plants, Plants- I want to try my hand at an herb garden again since it didn't quite work out last year.  My plan in to make a large tiered pot sculpture, if you will, with three tiers & put it in the corner that will get the most sun.  I also want some window baskets hanging off the railings.  Maybe some hanging planters too? Who knows.  This year I'm hoping my potted plant path will go better than what I did last year!

Decorative Pillows - Not that our chairs really need pillows but adding that touch can't hurt.  I'm sort of digging an old world vibe and the pattern on these pillows really says it for me.  Plus I need to find some sort of outside doggie bed for Emrys....he'll never lay on it but it will look pretty, right?

I can't wait to get started on this little space.  I'm slowly realizing that it's ok to have your home be a work in progress.  I'm so envious of others who seem to have a fully decorated home all the time!  The only place in our house that is fully done is probably our bedroom!  We had a clear plan with that one.  I am hoping to have this all prettied up (along with my other Four Simple Goals!) by the end of May.  Just enough time to enjoy it!

What are your outdoor decor plans this season?  Anything you're dreaming of?

xoxo, Moe

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