Weekly Make Up Basket #1

So, usually Monday's are reserved for Make it Monday but seeing as I haven't felt all to creative lately I'm changing it up a bit.  I still want to have at least 3 to 4 posts on my blog each week & hate skipping Mondays aaaannnnddd I need to rotate the things I use make up wise like whoa.  So I decided to do a weekly make up basket post.  I have a pretty large collection of make up (98.9% drugstore) and I need to use it all.  I'm also thinking that there's going to be more of a focus on my YouTube channel as long as I can keep up my Thursday and Sunday upload schedule!  Anyway, here's what I'm going to be using this week:
I have four palettes I want to get some use from.  First is the Ursula palette from the Elf Halloween 2013 collection.  I love the spring purples & the teal shade in there.  It's time for be to break away from neutrals and this is a good start.  Two palettes from Wet n Wild - Walking the Red Carpet from their new 2014 Spring collection & Newport Nights that came out around Summer 2013.  I've hit pan on that orange shade in Newport Nights and loved using it for a bit of color in the crease last summer, so I'm busting it out again.  The Walking the Red Carpet palette isn't something that is my favorite (not compared to last year's Spring Collection!) but if I want a neutral eye I can go to that one.  Hopefully I don't rely on it this week!  Finally, this little trio at the bottom right is one of the first little trios I bought way back in high school.  It is a repackaging of the Almay Intense I-Color trios.  This is the original one for brown eyes.  I wore the crap out of this in high school & college - it was seriously my only eye shadow look ever.  Of course I paired it with the purple liner in the line as well.  So I'm excited to bust that out for nostalgia.
I have two blushes from the Studio M Collection that I believe is only sold at Meijer.  Honestly, I don't think you can get these products any more as I've seen them replaced by NYX!  These two blushes are very shimmery & very pink.  They almost look the same but I promise they are slightly different.  They don't have names on them but one is more of a true, deep pink & the other is a lighter pink with a golden shimmer.  Reminds me a bit of the Balm's Hot Mama blush.  I also have a liquid highlight from Elf called a Radiance Enhancer.  This on is in the shade Moonlight...not sure if Elf makes this anymore either.
These two powders are ones I've only played with a little bit.  The Wet n Wild Take on the Day Mattifying Powder was included in a Products I Regret Buying video I haven't uploaded yet but I saw someone use it as an under eye setting powder, so I thought I'd give that a go this week.  It doesn't work at all for setting your face - it's got some weird shimmers in it so I'm not sure how it will be under the eye but I thought I'd give it one more go.  Next is the Elf Personal Blend Foundation.  It has four quadrants so you can create a custom shade to match you - however, I popped off the little sifter since it didn't quite work how I'd like it to & am just going to combine all the colors.
Two lip products this week - both from Elf.  The first is a matte lip color in Praline.  I haven't worn any of my collection of these & I have every color.  Next is a lipstick from their Essential line in the color Charming.  It is a nice natural, pink color & I haven't worn any of my collection of these either!
So that's what I'll be trying out this week and I'm hopefully going to keep doing this to get some good use out of my collection.  I find myself relying on the same things but when it comes to branching out I am overwhelmed by my collection!  I promise to get back to Make it Monday when I feel more inspired - I do have an idea that I want to execute this week, so here's hoping for that!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I love this basket idea. I often forget about other products that I have or want to try out. My makeup is currently a mess though so first I need to figure out how to organize it all first. Then maybe I can try out this idea! Also, I love that ursla elf pallet, such pretty colors.


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