Make it Monday // A Pencil Case for a Small 3 Ring Binder

Part of getting organized for me this year is using a planner.  I used to use a planner solely for outlining posts for my blog but now I'm using it for everything in my life - blog planning, trip planning, cleaning, ideas, etc.  It's really been pretty fun so far.
I was looking for a fun little clip in pencil case at Staples & at Office Max but didn't find anything I was really looking for.  Nothing cute & nothing really functional especially for an 8.5 x 5.5 inch binder.  While in Meijer the other day shopping the clearance I found these two small pouches for about $2 (I can't remember, on no!).  They are the perfect size for my new planner but they didn't have the three holes punched to clip into the binder.  Here's what I did:
Supplies: three hole punch set to the correct widths/settings, sewing machine, vinyl or plastic pencil cases
First set the hole punch to the right settings & punch holes in the pencil case.  If you have something like a six ring binder, you'll need a six ring punch.  I went out to Staples & got an adjustable 3 ring punch because the one I had at home couldn't be adjusted.  Staples has their brand for about $10 so I didn't mind grabbing another one to keep as a dedicated 8.5 x 5.5 inch paper punch.  A tip here:  The best pencil cases are rather sturdy plastic.  If you have a fabric one it's probably best not to work with that one.
In order to keep the pens & pencils up from the holes punched, sew a line to divide the pouch from the holes with a sewing machine.  I used the seam allowance guides on my sewing machine for a nice line down my pencil case.  I also backstitched at the beginning and the end of my line to make it secure.
Now this pencil case clips in my planner rather nicely & makes the binder rather square.  I don't like the triangle shape binders make when they aren't full..too awkward.  I want to do a post on my planner because I want to share that you don't have to be crazy with color coding when you plan.  I've been watching a lot of planner videos on YouTube - yes, it's a thing - and a lot of them are about decorating.  Well I want to tell you about planning!  It can be cute but you're supposed to be using your planner to plan & not just to decorate!  So keep a look out for that!

Do you use a planner?  Are you a personalized kind of person or do you get the plain, bound ones?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I really liked your tutorial on your planner, as well as this one on the pencil case. I can't wait to make mine! You are correct about it not being for decorating, and most of the tutorials were almost intimidating because they were so decorated and seemed like it would take forever. I'm really glad I came across your video!


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