March 2014 Wish List

Hello there March!  The third month of the year already....I can't believe it.  I think the year is off to a good start so far.  I feel like last year this time I was pushing myself so hard and I'm glad I'm a little bit more relaxed this year.  Sometimes, somethings just aren't for everyone.  I believe March marks a year since I've went back to work full time & while I still dream of self employment...I just don't think I'm ready yet.  I daydream at work of being home & creating things I love but I like the stability of the full time work that I have.  This year is going to kick butt - but in a different way, hopefully!  Here's my March wish list:
Bath & Body Works Candles - Man, good candles are expensive!  I'm looking to pick up some B&BW candles from the outlet near us & I hope they have this Honey Suckle Scent!  Honey Suckle is my favorite scent!

How Bout Them Apples Lip & Cheek Stain Palette from the Balm - I love the Balm products mainly because their packaging is so adorable.  I love my Balm Voyage palette & the NudeTude palette so this needs to make it into my collection!  I purchase the Balm products on Amazon & on HauteLook when they are featured there.

Forbidden Desert Board Game - We played this for the first time in February with some friends & I really want to own it!  It's a great cooperative game to play if you have some really smart friends.  You all have to work together to all get off the island - if one person dies, everyone dies & you all lose!  There's also Forbidden Island that's sort of the same premise but I haven't played it yet.

Pretty Patterned Pens - Mainly I just want pretty pens for my planner.  I've been using the same pen for a long time.  I just looked back on my old blog planner & I've been using the same style pens (hey, they might even be the exact same).  I don't think you have to be super pretty when you're planning but it certainly can't hurt.  These pens are from a site I just discovered called Poketo.  Oh my gosh, I'm in love with all the stationery options!  They sell much more than stationery though I totally want this iPhone wallet case, too.  I've been on the hunt for one of these.

Colorful House Throw from Modcloth - I'm thinking of using this as scrap yarn blanket inspiration.  You don't know how much scrap yarn I have here.  I need to get to work on it.  I haven't had too much time to make any blankets but I'd like to make some more.

My Signature Cocktail Shaker - This appeals to the artist in me, really the art school kid in me.  How awesome is this shaker in the shape of spray paint.  It just makes me giddy & I want to make all the drinks in it.

What are you wishing for this month?  Happy March!

xoxo, Moe

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