Boost Your Blog // 5 More Topics to Write About

It's no lie that I've been struggling to keep the inspiration flowing with this blog.  At one point I took a little break & at another point I considered closing down these virtual pages for good.  I felt uninspired and that there was nothing great to share anymore.  But then I realized I couldn't imagine not sharing my life/my amazing ideas with the world wide web.  It's a bit vain, I know but blogging has become such a part of me it's so weird not to do it even when I don't know what to do.  So I thought about some things I could write about when I had nothing to write about & I came up with this list!  I've done this sort of post before but these are amazing ideas, dude - amazing ones!
blog topics when you're uninspired
Post an App Review or Tutorial - I love my iPhone & my iPad.  I looooove finding new apps that I haven't heard of or that have just rolled out.  Posting a review or a tutorial will show others how to use the app, what the app is good for, if any upgrades are good, or if they need to stop any productive thing they are doing and play a new game/learn a new skill/edit photos with different filters for the next 16 hours.  Plus everyone is nosey about what is on your phone.  I've done a few app reviews & tutorials here & there, but there are so many apps it's truly endless.  Pick apps you love in genres you know.  Or, to change it up, try out an app you're not totally interested in to give an alternate take on it.  Show how easy or hard it is to master the app if you're a noob.

Post a Review or Tutorial on a Website or Software Program - The best example I can think of as an example is posting tutorials using Picmonkey.  I love using PicMonkey & since it's free, it's accessible to loads of people.  Who doesn't want to edit their photos?  You could also post a tutorial on using Microsoft Word creatively or Picasa or how you organize your calendar.  This is also endless!  You could post a review on a website that's supposed to be a resource or on how to use Zazzle to make a holiday card (hey, that's a good tutorial!)  If you are a pro at using something like a digital die cutting machine (like the Cricut or Silhouette) share some tips!

Post on an Issue you Care About - While this can get into dangerous territory (some people don't like hearing other's opinions you know, but hey - if you don't stand up for it, who will?) post on something you care about.  Are you joining a team for Relay for Life? Share it.  Running a 5k? Share it.  Care about the March of Dimes? Share it!  This shows that you are of substance & care about the world you are a part of.  Go to a protest? Share it.  Want to share more about women's rights? Write a post!  Share your resources, the local things you are a part of, etc.  Share ways others can get involved because it's good for the community.  Share a good cause.  As much as I dislike the term raise awareness posting on an issue you care about raises awareness about it.  Just make sure you're doing something instead of just talking about it - I think that's why I don't like the term raise awareness.

Post about Something You've Just Discovered - Have you recently fallen in love with something? Share it with us.  The greatest way to become a pro at something is to learn so if you're passionate about it, you should share it.  Others might have insights or you might interest someone else in joining your passion.  But don't worry if your passions change because you blog should reflect your life which is ever changing since you are always growing.  For example I'm getting really into make up some I'm doing something I've never done before - post make up related videos!  You can read here on why I use my blog to teach.

Post a Recipe - It doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated at all.  Post that you tried something new & what you learned.  Or post a tried & true recipe that you make all the time.  Don'g give away your grandmother's secrets but do share tips & tricks to make the perfect whatever it is.  Or for a fun twist post on the worst recipe you've ever tried. Was it plain ol' gross or did you fail horribly at following directions?  Sometimes it's ok to laugh at ourselves & share our memories!

I've been on a blog post writing kick lately & I love it.  Currently I'm back to scheduling posts about a week or so in advance!  I love doing this because it gives me time to go out & live my life so I can blog about it.  It also helps me plan & keep my head on straight so I'm not stressing on writing posts when I don't feel like it.  That just generates horrible content.

I hope you enjoyed this list & hope it brings you a bit of inspiration when you're a bit out of it!

xoxo, Moe


  1. I've been thinking I'd like to do reviews, for a while now actually. Think I'll go ahead next time I have a little lack of inspiration, thanks :)

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