October Wishlist

I'm having fun doing these wish list type posts!  It really gets me set for the mood of the month but I can't believe it's already October.  Did you know this October marks 2 years Zach & I have been together?  Crazy, right?  We've also been in our house a year & while we still have a bit to go, we've come soooooo far!  I'm going to do a little post on the biggest part of our home - converting the downstairs garage into a beautiful living room.  But this is not that post, this post is about my October wish list!
October Wishlist

October Wishlist by fivesixteenthsblog featuring madewell shoes

Jeans - I'm all out of jeans!  I have one pair that I love that fit me well & the others I just don't like.  I always get my jeans from Forever21+.  They fit great & are super affordable.  Plus, I love this chick's outfit!  These are their favorite jeans & I'll probably pick up at least two in this denim color.

Scarves - I'm on a crochet kick & while this one is from Icing, I think I could totally make a different texture scarf from some of my yarn stash.  I also saw some cool textured yarn on sale at Hobby Lobby so if there are a few I like, this style of design is perfect to use them up.  I also want to make one from a pretty fall colored variegated yarn that I believe is made by Red Heart.

Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation - I got this as a sample from BirchBox (I believe!) a few boxes ago & am in love.  I haven't mustered up the courage to go pick it up since it's $36, but I might just go do that this month.  I really do love the foundation but I have others that are just as good so I've been putting it off.

BH Cosmetics Blush in Rose - This little duo is too cute.  I think this bright rose red color will be perfect as the weather cools down.  It also has a little highlight shade. Plus the packaging is adorable.  BH Cosmetics is pretty affordable too.

Pumkin Decor - Last weekend I made a wreath for the front door & I really want some more fall type decorations.  Not necessarily Halloween, but more fall.  I'm thinking about getting some faux pumpkins from the craft store for the outside.  Did you know there are faux pumpkins that you can carve? I think they are called funkins, or something.  That would be cool - no need for all the mess!  I'm not sure if I'll carve the faux ones but they would be nice as decoration you can keep over the years.  This weekend  or next weekend I'm hoping we go to a pumpkin patch, maybe do a hayride or corn maze.  You know, traditional fall things.

Loafers & Moccasins - I always need a new pair of moccasins each fall.  Mine just seem to fall apart!  I'm also on the hunt for a comfortable loafer for work.  Last month I mentioned low heeled boots but I still haven't found any I like.  

So that's it!  October is here & I don't know what to do.  Soon it will be November & then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then we'll welcome 2014.  Are you kidding?  Time sure does fly.

What's in your October wishlist?

xoxo, Moe

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