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If you're still looking for something to put on your drab dorm room walls - I mean it's October, you've got to be nearly done decorating right?  Well, if you're not I've got a really cool site to share with you today called recitethis.com.  If you're not too design proficient to used a free site like PicMonkey to make some art for your walls (like this tutorial), this site has already done it for you.  Here's how:
Visit Recite This & type in a quote you like - there are thousands out there & zillions on Pinterest!  Don't have one in mind or can't find on there? Click on find a quote and explore.  I pin my quotes to a board called Hello Monday so I can have a pick me up at the beginning of the week.  Heck, you could even make a whole quote wall in your dorm room or apartment.
You can then choose from quite a few different poster styles.  Once you've found the one you like click it to be directed to the screen to download.  Don't want to download? Share it on your social media sites!  You can even go back if you've decided you don't quite like the poster style you've selected.
Once you've downloaded your image print it on a standard sheet of paper.  You can do this at home, at the library, or take it to a print shop - just print it out.  Then either frame it like I've done or use decorative washi tape on the corners to stick it to your wall.  If ever you're feeling down you'll have something to pick you up.

xoxo, Moe

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