Where I Was a Year Ago

A year ago around this time I packed up all my things, left my friends, family, & the southern states to trek up north to be with the person that means the most to me.  This whole year has been pretty weird.  I battled with self-employment/unemployment which was the main roller coaster throughout anything else that happened.  But we also lived in Michigan, renovated a house, traveled around, & grew to know each other more.  It's been a crazy, crazy year in which I don't know what I've learned & I really don't know where I've ended up.
Where we lived for the first few months at Zach's parents' house
This biggest struggle was seeing my creative dream really start to take off but knowing that I wasn't making ends meet for myself & deciding to put job hunting full force.  After many tears, many emails, many why am I not good enough moments, & many hours spent searching for the elusive creature called a full time job I finally landed one.  Right now I feel very thankful for my job - oh so grateful - but miss the hours of dedication I put towards other endeavors like the many shops, this blog, etc.  I miss being proud of myself for the small accomplishment of having someone notice this blog, notice the shop, or make any headway in my online presence.

But I'm moving forward.  I'm accomplishing something - my bank account is rising.  Whether or not that's a good thing when it comes to creativity is still up for debate.  I would say I'm content.  I'm doing better than most.  But I'm not where I want to be yet.  It's a year later & I'm not quite sure where I am but I do know I'm somewhere.

How do you deal with the uncertainty of being uncertain? Have you ever been completely lost?

xoxo, Moe

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