My Favorite Make Up Brushes // Great Quality & Affordable

Today I want to share with you my favorite make up brushes that I've collected that are both great quality & very affordable.  I've collected brushes since I've been wearing make up - which has been a long time!  I have one eyeliner brush (that I don't use for eyeliner) that I've had for ages.  I also have had a few Real Techniques brushes for ages.  In addition to collecting everything related to make up, I like collecting brushes & trying out new ones because I love finding the perfect brush for the perfect job.  So if you're interested in affordable brushes, check out the video below!

If you're interested in the 22 piece brush roll I mentioned, you can pick it up here.  There are plenty of brushes in there that I know you'll be able to use!  This is a great beginner brush set because there is a purpose for every brush & you can really hone your application skills.  The bristles are really soft & the brushes are made really well!!

Click here for more info on the YouTube video.  And let me know if you want to see more of these sorts of videos.  Not necessarily make up but videos in general.  I really liked doing the plus size fashion haul I did a while ago & am thinking about doing another one here soon even though I haven't picked up too much stuff lately!

What are your favorite brushes? Where did you collect them from?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I've been loving lately the Real Techniques brushes they have amazing quality and are relatively cheap. I've also picked up some good brushes at Sephora too!

  2. Hi Moe...

    Loved this video! I checked @ ELF, and they still have a 50% off deal... so I'm using your recommendation and buying my first set of "good" brushes. I've just started to get into makeup, so your video is super helpful. Out of curiosity, what shade of ELF body shimmer do you use?


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