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My make up collection has grown by leaps & bounds over the past few months.  I've even branched into brands other than drug store brands!  Gasp!  Spending $30 on a foundation is now in my vocabulary - though I restrained myself on my last Ulta trip & just bought a little kit from Benefit to try out a few things (honestly this is the best way to go!)  But sometimes it gets overwhelming when you're thinking about packing or traveling with your make up.  I totally want to pack everything - and I did for the last trip I went on - but sometimes (most of the time) it's not necessary.  So here are some basics for packing/traveling/moving/etc:
multipurpose make up

multipurpose make up by fivesixteenthsblog featuring revlon face makeup

BB Cream + Full Coverage Foundation - Pack these because they'll do double duty!  That's the theme around here!  On days you don't need a lot of coverage, your BB Cream is perfect (I use the one by Rimmel).  If you need a bit more coverage, use the full coverage foundation as a concealer.  If you do need a heavy cover day you have your full coverage foundation on hand.

Elf Golden Bronzer - This bronzer does tripple duty as a bronzer, as an eyeshadow quad, and as a highlight.  This particular shade (find it here) is great for an all over bronze look - to accent the tan you're getting in the tropics right? - by swirling all the colors together with a bigger brush.  It creates a great eye look since it's sectioned into 4 colors.  It also has a lighter shade included that is perfect as a highlight!

Blush & Bronzer Duos - The Elf Golden Bronzer isn't great for a contour but if you have these handy guys you'll have no need to pack anything extra.  The bronzer side is a great contour & the blush side is a great blush (duh).  I use the Elf duo in St. Lucia but you can also find duos like this from other brands - especially Nars.

Favorite Mascara - Pack your favorite mascara not only to separate your lashes but to act as a liner too.  Pack your liner brush & forget the chunky pots of gel eyeliner - use your mascara instead.  Just dab a bit out of the top or off the wand itself on your liner brush.

Essential brushes - This is where the over packing can happen & I might just let it.  Since all of these products can do double duty you might need double the brushes for the precise application you're looking for.  But pack what you need - powder brush, beauty blender, eye brushes, etc.  Discover which of your brushes can play a dual role & stick with them.  

So thats what I have in my collection that plays double duty when I travel.  These guys are awesome, simple go-to products if you want a no fuss quick look too!

What do you pack when you travel?  Are you even concerned with your face on vacation?

xoxo, Moe


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