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We've been in this house nearly a year & there are still things we haven't accomplished....and I have to say I'm a bit ashamed about it!  I think we've been good though at getting things together but there's been a lull in the organizing.  So now that one year is approaching in October, we've got to get our butts in gear!  A lot of these things are little here's and theres but they still need to get done right?  So here's the list wee need to check off!

Curtains in the Living Room
While they are up there are still somethings that need to be done.  I need to put up the tie backs I got for the ones over the couch & on the window.  Then there's the window on the door.  It's metal so the only rod I could find - which is actually pretty cool - was magnetic & in white.  Also, the curtain is too long & just hangs there.  So I need to hem up the curtain or get a longer, full length one, & get a second magnetic rod to keep it taught at the bottom.  I'm also going to spray paint the rod & magnet part a bronzy color since that's the color running through the room.

Baskets for the bookshelves
I love the baskets I have near my desk on my side of our bookshelf divider so I want to get some more of them for the bookshelves flanking the TV.  I want to store extra gadgets, game systems (my N64), games, cards, etc.

Get the junk to Goodwill
That's right, I've got Goodwill donate boxes everywhere just sitting there because I'm lazy.  That's right people I'm lazy.  I don't really want to lug all that stuff to my car, drive to Goodwill, & unload it.  Written down that doesn't seem like much.

Decide on a bed frame
I really want to do my DIY idea but I'm not too keen on it anymore.  We have a slanted wall above our bed which will make bed frames hard to fit in there....but I'm determined to have something instead of a mattress on a floor....please.

Put the spare room together
Like all spare rooms this spare room houses most of the spare stuff.  But I really want to get to turning it into my little sewing space & a functional spare room for guests and what not.  Who wants to come visit to kick my butt in gear?

Organize my desk
I told you it wouldn't stay clean.  I told you.  Right now it just looks like a craft store threw up everywhere & it really can be a lot better.  Then I won't have to blog from the couch.

Get the kiln/pottery studio set up in the garage
Plain & simple.  Get off my butt & do it!  Just do it.

Photograph for the vintage shop
This is unrelated to getting the house together but I've been letting too many things slip....so no more. gosh darn it.  No more!  We've got a load of new stock from over the Summer that needs a new home and I just plain need to focus on things that are important.

So hopefully in the next month and a half or so we'll be through.  I can't believe that October 8th we'll have been in the house for a year!  Fun fact: Zach & I moved into this house 3 days before we'd been together for a year.  Needless to say I packed up all my stuff & moved up to Michigan nearly 3 months before we were together for a year.  How crazy!

Oh, I fully intend to do a sort of house tour or before & after type deal here soon as well.  Maybe when it's closer to the fall after the year mark has passed just so everything is in it's place.

What are things you need to do around the house?  What's your motivation to do it? Please share, I need it!

xoxo, Moe

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