Trend Tuesday // e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul

I'm not sure if you're aware but e.l.f (or eyes lips face) is a crazy affordable cosmetic line you can usually find at places like Target & Meijer.  I've seen it pop up in Wal-Mart recently too!  But if you've ever passed up these little gems, you totally should turn around & pick up something to try - might I suggest their studio line blushes?  Any who, e.l.f. recently had a crazy sale where their Studio Line was 50% so I thought I'd give a few things a try.
If you aren't familiar with e.l.f. they have a few lines of products - the ones you'll see the most (at least the ones I do) are their Essentials Collection and the Studio Line.  There are hits & misses in both lines, but for me the Studio Line is where it's at.  In the Essential Collection a lot of the products are $1 & in the Studio Line a lot of the things are $3-$6 ish.  So with a 50% off sale, you're able to get the Studio Line considerably cheaper...nearly the price of the Essential Collection!  So that's always a plus.  Also, if you've ever thought what you saw in the store was all the existed from e.l.f., check them out online.  There's a lot more than I ever would have thought!  For example I didn't know the Tone Correcting Powder came in different tones, nor did I know the Blushed & Bronzed Duo (or St Lucia blush/bronzer duo) came in different shades!  You'll get lost in the many, many, many options on the site!  So onto the haul, beware - many pictures below!
Angled Blush Brush, Professional Crease Brush, Stipple Brush, Powder Brush
I feel like I'm always looking for more brushes to serve a particular purpose & sometimes it's not the purpose they were intended for!  Buying single brushes means it's easier to double up on them if you really like them.  Right now I have a favorite brush for bronzer that I got in a kit & I'd like another but I don't want to buy another kit just for one brush.  I'm hoping that crease brush will be a better one than the one I have now at precisely placing product & blending it out.  I'm also hoping the stipple brush works great for blush or for foundation.  I used to have a stipple brush from Sonia Kashuk that I loved but it started to shed & leave little furs everywhere.  Gross! But this one isn't as dense.  The angled blush brush from the studio line feels a lot softer than the angled one I have from the essential line so I'm hoping I get more use out of it.

Bronzer in Warm & Bronzer/Blush Duos in Turks & Caicos and Antiqua
I love my St Lucia bronzer/blush duo so I thought I'd see what the others had to offer.  For 50% off of these it's worth a shot even if the bronzers would be too dark - which I think they may be!  The St Lucia duo is a teeny tiny tad bit too dark but works now that I've gotten a tan.  I'm not quite sure if I'll ever be tan enough for these two bronzers though!  But I think they would be perfect crease colors for a neutral eyeshadow look.  Who knows...maybe some use will come of them!  The left swatch above is the duo in Antiqua & right is the duo in Turks & Cacos
I've also seen this quad like bronzer palette thing - if you want to call it that! - in the stores.  But only in one shade.  On the eyes lips face website there are quite a few shades you can pick this bad boy up in.  That didn't really appeal to me at the time so I just picked up this one in Warm.  But when I swatched it I realized how perfect each of the shades in the quad was for eyeshadow!  I totally think you can get a great neutral eye look from this little thing.  So now, of course, I'd like the other two bronzer colors!  I'll wait until the next sale though.
Studio Blushes in ______________ & _____________
I already own quite a few of the blushes in the studio line & some of them are hit or miss.  For example, I really wanted Candid Coral to be a great peachy blush for me but it doesn't show up.  When I saw the color on the left ____________ I thought I'd give it a try.  50% off of these made them $1.50!  Then this golden color ______________ just stood out so I thought why the heck not.  It's weird because the plastic cover on the gold one had the logo on it but elf wasn't stamped into the blush & it was opposite for the other.
Shimmering Facial Whip in Three Colors & the Body Shimmer
The shimmering facial whips were from the Essential Collection so they weren't on sale but for a dollar a pop, seriously you can't pass it up.  I haven't opened them yet but I'm excited to use them because they say they are dual purpose as well - use on your face as a highlight, on your eyelids, or on your lips.  Pretty neat.  The next is this little deodorant stick type deal of a roll up body shimmer in Mystic Moonlight (swatched below):
I think this is super cool! You could use this for different things as well.  This is a swipe not blended out so it could be part of an eye look or blended on your cheekbones for a highlight.  I've never tried a liquid or a creamier style highlight so I'm excited to check these out!

So there you go, my huge discounted e.l.f. haul!  I love eyes lips face & if you're on a budget these products are great to add to your collection.  The reason I like drug store priced products is because I'm able to try out different looks & products without dropping so much $$$ if I don't like it.  With more affordable products that are good quality - let me clarify just because these are cheap in price doesn't mean they are cheap in quality! E.l.f. is up there with one of my favorite make up brands that are affordable & awesome.  You can get a lot but not make a dent in your wallet! 

What are your favorite e.l.f. products?  Any other drugstore products you rave about?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I have a hit and miss relationship with ELF - I love their brushes and eye liners, but their nail varnishes can be useless. Looks like you got a great haul though!

  2. I recently just started using their products and I am pretty darn impressed!! I love the liquid eye liner that they have!! Oh, and the exfoliating lip scrub is amazing!!
    Jess Cause Blog


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