Wednesday Decor // Dorm Edition - Eclectic Meets Shabby Chic

I know a lot of people are already back to school! I also know a lot of people are heading back with cars full this coming weekend!  So I'm a bit late on doing this series but you can definitely add a touch of each of these (there will be three) styles to your current dorm/apartment decor.  The first one is Eclectic meets Shabby Chic.  I feel like I am always between two styles.  This one is my favorite and I've always been drawn to Shabby Chic but it's a bit too girly.  You can totally grunge it up with an eclectic vibe by brining in deeper tones & old world accents.

Eclectic Meets Shabby Chic

1. Collected Containers - A great way to store your little doodads (pencils, mascaras, etc, etc) is in small containers.  Consider popping by the thrift stores in your area to see if you can collect a few that compliment each other.  To keep it Shabby Chic consider buying milk glass, mercury glass, or glass with etched designs.  Keep it eclectic by finding glass in jewel tones or metallic containers.  Vary the widths & heights.  Don't go over board - two or three look the best paired together.

2. Display your Perfume Collection - Consider a more modern tray to bring down the overly shabby look of your perfume collection.  A tray in a contrasting style of your perfume bottles adds a bit of depth & compliments the marriage of these two styles.

3. Flameless Pillar Candles - These are great since you can't have burning candles in school housing.  Pillar candles look worldly but are also classy so they are a mix of both of these styles.  Ones that are remote operated or with a timer are very low maintenance.  They come on when you want & you don't have to switch on a bunch of candles.

4. Blend Floral & Bold Patterns - Using throw pillows & bedding you can blend these two styles.  Key elements are florals & bold patterns.  Don't over do it though - chose complimentary colors in your florals & then black and white for your bold patterns (or do it opposite, how chic!).

5. Fluffy Warm Blankets - These blankets in a neutral colors & not patterns bring a bit of warmth into your room.  They also add texture to your bedding.  Consider a white or cream colored comforter so there's not a lot of pattern clashing going on.

6. Fun Lighting - I threw this guy in here because I have him & I think he's adorable.  He's great to add a little light to your room.  Turn him on with all of your flameless candles & bask in the relaxing glow.

7. Collected Dishware - Dishware is another collection you can build by blending these two styles.  Choose tradition style cutlery with a fun twist.  Then add different textures with handmade ceramics & other rustic elements.

Stay tuned for the next two installments!

What styles do you blend in your own decor?

xoxo, Moe

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