Giveaway Time! Win a Diamond Candle!

What better way to greet a Tuesday evening than with a giveaway!  Today on Five Sixteenths you can enter to win a Diamond Candle of your choice from the website DiamondCandles.com.  If you haven't heard of Diamond Candles, let me introduce you:
Diamond Candles is a great website featuring high quality 100% soy candles that are eco friendly & natural.  Each candle not only comes with the perks of being a candle that burns evenly & fills your house with a beautiful scent, but you get a ring in every candle.  Burn your candle to reveal real rings valuing $10, $100, $1000, or even $5000.  Each candle comes with a ring!  What a great thing to look forward to!  You can read more about the origins of the Diamond Candle brand on their About Page here.

My Candle - Review & Reveal
The lovely Diamond Candle brand offered me a free candle of my choice to review before hosting the giveaway.  I placed my order, choosing the scent Ocean Dr & anxiously awaited my box.  Once it arrived I was instantly surprised by the weight of the candle.  The container is glass, features a lid, & is 100% soy. Once I opened my package I instantly trimmed the wick & lit it.  
I hung out in the living room, watched some TV, & ignored it like one tends to do.  Then after a bit I realized the scent filled the entire room!  I was pleasantly surprised!  The scent I picked is very beachy & really reminds me of summer.  I plan on burning this candle down until I break out my fall ones mid-september!  
Not only does the smell fill the room, but the candle burns clean & evenly.  Theres no hole down the center of the pillar.  There is a nice pool of wax burning evenly down the entire container.  On the back of the glass container you can see that there is a little gold, foil package eagerly awaiting you to burn your candle for 15 hours to reach it.  I burned this candle each  night after work for a few hours until I was able to reach my little gold foiled package!
Following the instructions I blew out the candle, waited for the wax to cool a bit, then pulled out the foil with a pair of tweezers.  Be careful! It was covered in a bit of wax, but the ring is tucked in a little baggie, then folded up in the foil, then placed in the candle so the ring is safe & sound.  As I unwrapped the foil I found a cute little silver colored ring with a flower & green stone.  While I wasn't lucky enough to get a 14k ring I still think these candles are great!

These candles retail for $24.95 - a great price for the quality of candle, even if there wasn't a ring inside! Seriously, these candles are great & the price is perfect for an even burning, beautifully scented candle that fills your room with fragrance.  The current candles I have in my house don't even fill a room!  I'm lusting after the Relax & Revive scent (a blend of lemon verbena & fresh mandarin lime) & the Rosewood Candle (which features sandalwood).  These candles make great gifts for a friend or for yourself & look great with your decor.

Now for the Giveaway!
Diamond Candles has offered a giveaway of a free candle to Five Sixteenths readers!  Using the Rafflecopter widget below, you can enter the giveaway!  If you would please, go ahead & give Five Sixteenths a follow too why don't you?

You can find Diamond Candles on their website here, on twitterfacebook, and instagram.  If you're interested in seeing some Ring Reveal videos, check out their facebook page!

xoxo, Moe

**I was given a Diamond Candle to review from the Diamond Candle brand, however, all opinions are my own & I will never accept compensation for a good review.  I totally love this product!  All product specs & top photo taken from the Diamond Candles website.

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  1. What an awesome idea! It satisfies the child in me that loved to get the prize out of the cereal :)

  2. Ohhh! I've been seeing a lot of these Diamond Candles everywhere and I've been debating on whether I should get one or not! Love the ring you got! So cute!

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