Wednesday Decor // Dorm Edition - East Meets Mod

These two styles - Asian inspired & Mod - don't really have much in common but it's fun to blend two things to see what you can come up with.  If you missed last week's Dorm Edition it was Eclectic meets Shabby Chic, read it here.  This week is East meets Mod.  Angular shapes & mod elements meet more rustic asian inspired accents.  My favorite part is is the pairing of the mod art with the more asian inspired (yet totally reflecting angular elements) mirror.

East Meets Mod

1. Bold Angular Lighting - You can choose one bold color to be the theme throughout this look.  In this example, I chose orange.  Colors that work well with bright orange are yellows, creams, & navy blues.  This shape is reminiscent of huge decorative jars I've seen in Asiatic pottery so it really complements the other shapes.

2. Collect Angular Storage  - Shop thrift stores for the perfect angular containers.  Then grab a can of spray pain & have at it.  Paint these into the complimentary colors in your theme to have an East meets Mod look.

3. Bold Throw Pillows - Pair complementary patterned pillows for a fun look.  Keep your color choice in mind when looking for complimentary pillows.  These two patterns go well together because of the colors & the pair of bold and soft. 

4. Complementary Art & Wall Decor - This Mod print in a navy blue goes great with the asian inspired mirror.  The mirror complements the mod design with the graphic style and angles.  Add in something super rustic like these candle holders to give they style a grounded feel.

5. Bold Mod Alarm Clock - Because, why not.  You've got to wake up for class & you also probably have some spray paint left over.  Give a thrifted find new life to match your decor.

6. Collected Trinkets - Keep things grounded with a dark stone feel to some of your trinkets but don't be afraid to throw in something fun.  Add texture with different figurines & add color with spray paint matching your theme.

Stay tuned for the final style pairing next week!

How do you use color in your decor?  What styles have you paired together in your decor?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Loving the pineapple trinket and all of the fresh colors!


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